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He appears in the 1881 census as 21 years old. There is an Edward Timms in the MI's for Whichford who died June 2, 1932 at 72 years of age. He appears right below a William Timms who died December 18, 1927 at 72 years of age and right above them are Francis and Edward and Elizabeth, so I think it is him.

In 1901, he was living with his parents in Dorn, and shown as single. So if he did marry later in life, it was after 1901.

June Timms (Thornton) advises that he married his childhood sweetheart late in life. Who she was I do not yet know. Likewise I do not know if they had any children.


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Was her last name Evans? See her son William's note.


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I have started my Timms family tree with this person. From the parish records, I "know" that he was the father of an Edward Timms christened on October 16, 1638. If that Edward married some time around 1660, then he could well have been the father of the Edward Timms born in 1661 or 1662. This latter Edward Timms was the one who married Judith Mason on December 21, 1701 at Barcheston. That Edward is almost certainly my direct ancestor. In other words, this Henry Timms would be the grandfather of my proven ancestor. Alternatively, he could be a great uncle or not even related at all If he is the grandfather of "my" Edward Timms, then that is probably as far back as I will ever get. The records for Whichford only start in 1540 but because of the Civil War and the Commonwealth, do not exist for the middle of the 1600s. So unless, I find a connection elsewhere, the line will forever start with him. Subject of course, to connecting this Henry to the Edward Tymes of Sutton who married Margaret Awbury of Ascot, in Whichford on October 21, 1599. That line of Timms is the line that connects with the Dickins/Dickens.

Any hypothetical connection with Edward Tymes and Margaret Awbury is confusing. They had a son named Henry whose birth I have been unable to find. That Henry got the land in Stourton which Edward had bought from Christopher Jarrett of Cherington.

There may be one other another generation involved, but I doubt it. Henry made his will in 1680 and died in 1684 at about age 80. Therefore he was born about 1604. In the "normal" course of events, he would have married around age 20 or so, that is in the period from 1624 to 1630. He would have started to have children shortly thereafter. From his will, I know that he had a son Edward, a son Henry, a daughter Alice, a daughter Deborah and a daughter Margaret. The latter two were married to a Holtum and a Johnson. There was also a grandson named Henry, who was the son of the son named Henry. Unfortunately, starting in 1840, there is a period of about twenty years missing from the baptismal records for Whichford. So far, I have not been able to find any alternate source for those missing records. I have considered that the family originally could be from either Cherington or Sutton under Brailes but nothing ties in as yet.

I have connected the 1662 Edward to me on the basis of tracing various pieces of real estate through generations. I used wills which were recorded at Worcester. As well, I used the names of the wives, sons and daughters named in the wills, to connect the generations. Even though I cannot connect the will of Henry Timms of March 7, 1680, it is set out below as best I was able to transcribe it. I took the information from the will and combined it with information from the parish records for Whichford. Whichford is a parish in the County of Warwick. It contained the villages of Stourton and Ascot. Stourton was usually spelled as "Stowerton" in that era. The name Timms appears often in the records from almost the beginning. The first Timms baptism recorded for Katherine Tymmes, the daughter of William Tymmes of Ascot on the 24 of October 1612. In the will below, Henry's last name is spelled "Timms." In the burial index in the same parish records, it is also spelled "Timms."


In the name of God Amen I Henry Timms of Stowerton in the County of Warwick yeoman being Aged and weak in body but of Sound mind and also for memorie (thankes be given to Almighty god for the same) ***This Seventh Day ** ** of March in the Three and Thirtieth yeare of the Reigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles the second Kinge of England ** Anno Domini 1680 : I do make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following vid(?); ffirst and principally I bequeathe my Soule into the hands of Almighty god my Saviour(?) Hoping through the merritts of Jesus Christ my redeemer it will **** into glory And my body to the earth to be buried in holy ground and Christian manner And to my Executor hereinafter named Shal be the *** est moote(?) And ab to my widow to by(?) which god halfe ** I give and bequeathe the same as follows vid(?)

Imprimis I give and bequeathe unto Alice my Deare and lovlinge wife the Sume of Twenty pounds of lawful money of England to be paid by my Executor unto her my said wife Att the end of Six monthes next after my Decease And Aflos I give and bequeathe unto my said wife the Sume Twenty Shillings yearely During her naturall life To be paid unto her by my Said Executor halfe yearely by two even and equal payments to be ***ed from the tyme of my Decease Allso I give unto my said wife the bed and bed Stead on which I regularly lye and the bonlfson(?) and two pillowes *** comonly used and one paire of blanquettes and two paire of Sheets And one Tabble comonly used as a Washinge Tabble and one other little Tabble and the Washinge bowle and one drinke(?) Barrell being the bigger of the upright barrells And two pailes And my will is that my said wife Shall have the said Twenty pounds and said Twenty Shillings yearely and all*** the said goods above named upon Conditon That Shee my Said wife dos make good and **** at her *** and onto my Sone Edward Timms ** good and sufficient release in law wherein and whom by Shee Shall and in her hand and Seale release all her Interest Right and Title of Dower or **** unto the Messuage or Tenement and one yard lands in Whichford I will and which is now in the *** or occupation of me and of my said Sone Edward within two monthes next after my Decease And the Same Legacies beforementioned and forgiven onto her Shall have upon noo other testament or instrument whatsoever;

Item I give onto my Daughter Alice Timms the Sume of ffive pounds;

Item I give unto my Grandchild Mary Johnson - Daughter of my Daughter Margarett Johnson - the Sume of ffive pounds to be paid unto her or when She shall have Attained the Age of one and Twenty yeares;

Item I give unto Deborah Holtam and Anne Holtam Children of my Daughter Debora Holtam Twenty shillings apiece;

Item I give unto my Grandson Henry Timms Sone of my Sone Henry Timms Twenty Shillings

All the rest of my goods household *** Chattels and chattell whatsoever not herein before mentioned or bequeathed I give unto my said Sone Edward Timms whom I Doo now my make ordaine and appoint to be Sole Executor of this my last will

the Mark of
Henry Timmes

Will and Testament I hereby Revoke*** all Wills by me formerly made And Declare this to be my last will and Testament I *** before *** **** followinge hereof my Will is and I Doo hereby give unto my Sone Henry Timms one Shillings And unto my Said Daughter Margarett Johnson one Shillings; In Witness whereof I the said Henry Timms have hereunto Sett my hand and Seale this day and yeare ffirst above written

the mark of
Henry Timms

Signed Sealed and Published
in two Sheetes of Paper
in the Presence of
John Holtom Esq
the Mark of Walter Webb

Margarett Timms widow

There is attached an inventory and another document that is mainly in Latin which I have not attempted to read, translate or transcribe. The date "quinto *** 1684 appears therein. I will attempt the inventory later.

Query, who is the Margaret Timms, widow? The below deed from Henry to Walter Webb on March 7, 1680 [the same date as his will] was witnessed by a Margaret Timms, widow. Was this the same person? Was she a widow of a brother of Henry? Was she his mother? That seems unlkely as he was quite old in 1680. That deed was also witnessed by an Alice Timms, It could be his wife or his daughter, although it seems more likely to be his wife. I have never found a MI for any Alice Timms. Here is the deed:

No 2: ER3/5245 Deed 1680 HENRY TIMMS AND WALTER WEBB [Parchment document approx 80 x 30 cm]

7 March 1680 HENRY TIMMS settlement of a messuage and one yard land

This Indenture dated 7 March in the three and thirtieth year of the reign of our sovereign Lord Charles the second by the Grace of God of England Scotland France and Ireland King and Defender of the Faith AD 1680 between HENRY TIMMS of Stowerton on the Co of Warwick, yeoman, on the first part, WALTER WEBB the elder of Stowerton aforesaid yeoman of the second part, and EDWARD TIMMS of Stowerton aforesaid yeoman son of the said HENRY TIMMS of the third part.

WITNESSETH that the said HENRY TIMMS for and in consideration of the love and affection which he hath and bearest to his said son EDWARD TIMMS and for the settling and establishing of the messuage and lands hereinafter described and declared. And for divers other goods in consideration to the said HENRY TIMMS hereinto the said HENRY TIMMS hath granted delivered and confirmed to the said WALTER WEBB All that messuage tenement and one yard land with the appurtenances situate lying and being in Stowerton and which now is in the tenure of the said HENRY TIMMS AND EDWARD TIMMS together with all the houses, outhouses, edifices, buildings, barns, stables, courtyards, gardens, orchards, lands, meadows, banks, furrows, hedges, buttes, furzes, waterways, common profits, commodities, hereditments, appurtenances whatsoever to the said messuage or tenement belonging or in any way appertaining or there withal commonly used or occupied or enjoyed or any part thereof. All the estate rights tithes claims demands whatsoever of him the said HENRY TIMMS and also all deeds which concern the same with or amongst any other lands or tenements. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said messuage or tenement and one yard land with appurtenances unto him the said WALTER WEBB his heirs and assigns for ever to be holden to the chief lords of the feoffment fees of the services and of subject nevertheless to the uses hereinafter mentioned. [That is to say] to the use and behoofs of him the said HENRY TIMMS during the term of his natural life. And from and after his decease then to the use and behoofs of the said EDWARD TIMMS his heirs and assigns for ever. The use and intent or purpose whatsoever and the said HENRY TIMMS for himself his heirs execs and administrators for every of them doth hereby covenant promise And grant and with him the said WALTER WEBB and his heirs shall and may peaceably and quietly shall hold and enjoy the said messuage lands appurtenances and every part to and piece thereof from tyme to tyme and at all tymes forever hereinafter subject to the uses above mentioned free and clear and freely and clearly acquitted and discharged or other wise upon every reasonable request in that behalf to command well and sufficiently saved and kept harmless and from any and all manner of former other gifts deeds grants bargains sales leases of and from the dower or thirds of ALICE the now wife of him the said HENRY TIMMS and of and from all other titles charges and … has forever had made done or suffered by him the said HENRY TIMMS or by any other son or sons and claiming the same premises or any part thereof under his estate or title or by his or by any of their means or pronouncement.

And lastly the said HENRY TIMMS for himself his heirs and assigns and for every of them doth further covenant and promise and agree to and with him the said WALTER WEBB his heirs and assigns with every of them [ that is to say] HENRY TIMMS and his heirs and all or every of them forever claiming the same premises the said HENRY TIMMS his estate or title shall and will from tyme to tyme and at all tymes as hereinafter upon the reasonable request and charges in the law of himself the said EDWARD TIMMS his heirs and assigns make and doe acknowledge all and every such other and further lawful and reasonable acts device and devices assure and assurances in the law whatsoever for the being and conveying of the said premises and every part thereof and to him the said WALTER WEBB his heirs together behoofs above mentioned and declared as by these present have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first written.

Two seals:

The mark of HENRY TIMMS The mark of EDWARD TIMMS
[squiggle resembling a Greek E] [capital E]

Sealed and Delivered in quiet and peaceable possession livery and …? within the granted premises was on the day and year within written delivered by the within named HENRY TIMMS unto the within named WALTER WEBB to have and to hold to him and his heirs subject to the uses within mentioned in the presence of