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She was baptised on October 15, 1858 in the Church of Clones, in the parish of Clones, in the Diocese of Cloghes, in the County of Monaghan. Thomas Hand was the presiding minister. Her father was a shoemaker. They lived in Legnakilly.

According to Helen Dunn, her family came to the city from Dungannon, Co. Tyrone.

In the IGI, her baptism is noted as being on October 15, 1859 in Clones.

She is buried in a different cemetery than her husband William. She is found in Plot 45, Row 8, Section Y of the Union Cemetery. Her daughter Ellen is also buried there. Her tombstone is a simple one in the ground. It says "Mother, Margaret Kennedy, Sweet Be They Rest." Ellen's reads "Daughter, Nellie Kennedy, "In Memory Ever Dear."


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At the time of his father's death, he was living in Vancouver. I have no information about him or his children. I believe him to the be "uncle Tom" about whom my mother used to talk.

There is a death registration for a William Thomas Kennedy in Burnaby B.C. who died on October 26, 1979. He was of the right age i.e. 89.

I believe that I have found his marriage to Sarah Greer in 1917. If I am ever back in Vancouver, I will confirm it.

In the 1921 census, he and Sarah and the two older children were living in Vancouver at 726 Cordova. There were two lodgers there - Adolp Petersen and John Johnson, both from Norway.


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I had some correspondence with their granddaughter ( Lea) who gave me some information back in the 1990s but we seem to have lost touch.

In 1938, Robert was living at 623, 15th Ave W., and working as a yardman in the CPR Yard in Calgary.


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She was known as "Nellie." As a child I used to find her a bit frightening but for no particular reason that I can think of now. She never married but for quite a number of years she lived with Carmen Gigliotti, an Italian immigrant. Indeed as long as I can remember, they were a couple. I have what I belive to be a photo of him in an army uniform, taken in Firenze, Italy. He continued to live in the old Kennedy house on 12th Avenue until his death in 1979. I have put him in as her spouse even though they were never married.


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Her first given name came from the soon to be Province of Alberta. I have a copy of a telegram sent from David, her older brother on November 7, 1904 alerting his aunt Margaret Kennedy to the birth. It reads:
Dear Aunt Maggie
Just a few lines to let you know that we are all well, hoping you are the same,and also Mr. McKinley. My mother has got us a new sister, what do you think of that now, she is getting along alright, It was born 6th Nov. But don't say I told you anything about it MIND DONT OR THERE WILL BE FUN ON THE JOB MIND I got a letter from James Moorehead I think I told you about it. I hope my grandfather is keeping well, and all the rest of them at home.
Please excuse as this is my first attempt on the typewriter. (AND DONT FORGET AND DONT TELL)

Yours truly, David Kennedy

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, N.W.T.

What is an odd coincidence, there is another Alberta Kennedy born in 1905 in Medicine Hat, Alberta


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I have taken the place of her birth from the birth certificate of her son, John. That says she was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Of course, I know that her husband was not born in New York as the document states, but rather in England, so who knows, she may have been born elsewhere. If she was from Ohio, how and why did she get from Ohio to New York to meet and marry John? Their marriage registration says that she was born in 1832 in Ireland. The death certificate for her son William also says that she was born in Ireland and that her maiden name was Travis. The death certificate for her son John has her born in Marietta, Ohio, and that her maiden name was Trepper. Her own death certificate has her born in Ohio. So, unless I can track down her birth certificate, I will probably never know where she was actually born. On the marriage certificate of her daughter Helen she is shown as Traver. There is also a Mary Travis, 15 years old, from Ireland, arriving In NYC on April 5, 1849, on the Princess of Ireland. There is a Mary Travers in the 1850 census for NYC. She is 14 years old, was from Ireland, and is living with a Jane Gallagher, 24, from Ireland and a John Bangs, 37, a physician. There are both a Mary Travis and a Mary Tavers, both 20 years old from Ireland arriving in NYC in 1852. There is also a Mary Travers, 15 years old, from Ireland, arriving In NYC on April 5, 1849, on the Princess of Ireland.

In the 1900 census, there is a Mary Timms, age 64 living alone in Detroit - she was born in Ohio on May 30, 1836. Is she the one? The answer to that is a clear "yes" based on the below information as to her daughters and in particular Helen, who married Linus Cole. On the actual census, she lives at 894 Townsend Avenue. She is the head of the house. She is white. She is female. She was born May 30, 1836 in Ohio. She had 7 children, of whom only 3 were living on June 10, 1900 (I know that at least John, William, Mary Jane and Helen were alive. Therefore there was an error in that particular column of the census. She is a widow. She was shown as being married in 1854, which matches the marriage registration that I have found. Her father was born in England and her mother in Scotland.

There is a tantalising entry in the 1881 Census for London, Ontario. There is a Mary Timms, 40 years old, a widow, born in the USA, living there. That would seem to match but where were the kids? If it is her, it also confirms her birth year as 1831 and not 1834.

In the 1910 census, the figure was seven born and four alive children at that time. That still leaves two missing children. She is a widow. She was married 46 years. Her father was born in England and her mother in Scotland. She could read, write and speak English. She owned her premises; it was free of encumbrances; she was living alone and it was code 86 (a house.) When and where did her husband die? She was married for 46 years, which adds up because she was married in 1854 as I now know. In the 1910 census, she is living with Linus Cole, her daughter Helen T. Cole and their daughter Pauline. She was still a widow, born in Ohio and was 74 years old on the date of the census - April 17, 1910. She was shown to have birthed seven children with four alive then.

The first entry in a Detroit City Directory for Mary Timms was in 1889. Mary was already a widow living with her two youngest daughters at 459 7th Ave. or St. In the 1890 City Directory, she and her two daughters were living at 311 Brush Ave. or St. In the 1893 City Directory, Mary was living at 189 5th and Jennie at 653 3rd Avenue. I did not see Helen that year. I could not find any of them in 1893. In the 1898 City Directory, she was living at the address of 894 Townsend Ave. (see above) with her daughters Jennie, a milliner and Nellie, a dressmaker - so sometime between 1898 and 1900 (when she is alone on the census), they moved out. The 1901 Detroit City Directory shows her still at that address. Mary was still there in 1910 but gone by 1911. In one of the directories, she is listed as Mary T. Timms; I have never seen that elsewhere, except on her death certificate.

After many years of searching, I found her death certificate. The problem was that it recorded as: Mary T. Simons. One can see the error. Someone has scracthed out the S and written over it with a T. It has her born May 30, 1836 in Ohio.

I don't have any information about her parents. In the 1840 census for Ohio, there are two individuals named Trevor. The first one is Samuel. He has in his house: one male under 5; one male between 5 and 10; and one between 30 and 40; 2 females between 5 and 10; one between 15 and 20 and one between 20 and 30. If, in fact, Mary was born in 1836, then this is not her family. In the 1834 Cincinnati directory (E. Deming) there is a Samuel Trevor, a dry goods merchant at S.T. & Co. His wife was named Pearl and his home was on 4th and his business on Walnut & Vine.

The other one is Caleb Trevor. He has 2 males between 5 and 10, one between 10 and 15 and one between 40 and 50. He has 1 female between 10 and 15, 4 between 15 and 20, 1 between 20 and 30, 2 between 30 and 40 and 1 between 40 and 50. This does not fit the profile either. Both families seem to have had slaves

Samuel and Caleb are still there in the 1850 census. Caleb appears first. He is 59 years old, a clerk, born in England; his wife is Anne, 55, born in England; he has a daughter Susan, 24, born in PA; a daughter Catherine, 20, born in PA; a son John B., 18 a student, born in PA; and a son William, 16, a student, born in PA.

Samuel has quite a family. He is an insurance agent, age 53, born in PA; his wife is either Margaret, age 39, born in New York; or Marg(y), 55 born in PA; there is William, 16, a student, born in Ohio; Sarah M., 13, born in Ohio; and Susan, 46, born in PA; as well as two unrelated persons. Is Sarah M. Sarah Mary?

Then there is a 7 year old Mary Trevor living with a Robert Hall, carpenter, and his family. His wife is Elizabeth, age 25. Using the on-line 1850 census at Ancestry, the only Mary Trevor I could find was the one living with Robert Hall. She was born in Ohio.

On Thursday, September 10, 1998, I went to the Land Registry Office in Detroit to look at the abstract of title for 894 Townsend. It is lot 24, block 4, in the E. C. Van Husan's Subdivision of the Ely 61.07 acres; Plat L.11 P. 65. Mary Timms bought lot 24 by a warranty deed dated April 8, 1890 and registered the same day. The grantor was Edward C Van Husan & Kate M, his wife, & William H Wells & Katherine V H, his wife, the last 3 by their Attn in fact. The consideration was set out at $325. Mary Timms then gave a warranty deed back to them on August 21, 1894 (registered August 23rd), for $1. I assume there was some title issue as she then got it back on by way of warranty deed dated July 1, 1896 which was registered May 10, 1904 for $60 consideration. There was a lot levy and a partial discharge of mortgage in 1890 and 1902 and then on May 10, 1904, Mary Timms did a warranty deed to her two daughters Mary Jane Timms and Helen Cole. The deed was dated May 7, 1904; $1 for consideration. Then on May 17, 1904, the two of them took a mortgage from the Wayne Co. Savings Bank for $600. On July 18, 1907 there was another mortgage for $125 from the same bank. On September 29, 1909, Mary Jane, now Mary Jane Gowdy, deeded her one half share to Helen Cole.