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His wife's name comes from his burial where he is referred to as the husband of Elizabeth.
This may be his will:
In the name of god Amen I John Mason of Cherrington In the County of Warwick yeoman being weake and Sick of Boddy but of good and perfect Memory praised Be Almighty God for the Same I do Make and Ordaine this my last Will and Testament In maner and forme following that is to Say first I bequeath My Sole unto Almighty god my Maker and Redeemer Trusting through the Merits of Jesus Christ to Inherit Etternall life and My boddy to be Buried in the parish churtyk or Churtyk yard of Cherrington and for those my transitory and Worldly goods which god hath Beene pleased to Blesse me with and to Bestow upon me I Bequeath then in Manner and forme following that is to Say

Item I give And Bequeath unto My loving wife one halfe of All my Dwelling house Outhouses barnes Stables Ortshards Closes gardins and Ba/rsid(?) Whatsoever together with one halfe yard land in the Common fields with Al things thereunto Belonging During the terme of her Natural life If she keepe her selfe A widow, And likewise All my household goods and One Cow and A Calfe And One whole ki/k in the kiskyard At her Owne Dis// to do what she pleseth With the // and paying unto John Keason of Brailes the Sume of five pound which I Oweth him.

Item I give and Bequesth unto my Sonne John Mason the Sume of foureScore and tenne pound that is to Say threeScore and tenne pound within one yeare After my Decease and Twenty pound more two years After by my Executor

Item I Give and Bequeath unto my Somnne Richard Masson All the Rest of houses outhouses Barnes Stables Closes Orshards gardins Bar/ Land in the Common fields With althings to me belonging or Any Wife Appertaining Except what is Before Excepted to him and his heirs for Ever Whom I Make my Sole and onely Executor of this My last will and Testament he yelding and paying Al My debts legacies and funeral Expenses and performing Al things above ~ menshoned according to my Will But If he shall // to pay and perform paying Al my Debts and payments Above menshoned Then I give and Bequeath Al my dwelling houses outhouses barns Stables Orshards Closes and b/ and my land in the commonfield with althings thereunto belonging which I gave to my sonne Richard Mason unto Edward Times Jun and William Eden of Stowerton Whome I make and Ordaine Trustees of this my last Will and testament until al things be performed and paid According to my will Al Charges or Expenses they shall be At for the Same In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seale this Seventh Day of August 1707

Signed published and Decalred The Mark of
To be my last will and Testament John Mason
In the presence of
Richard Bishop
Thomas Edden

Then Mark of Domino octave dix Octobrix 1708:/
A/isha Neale QuoVix Juratus fuit Richardus Mason
Executor Supranominatus in debita Juris
Forma //
Rob Bell Sn

There are two children of a John Mason baptised in Cherington: John in 1678 and Judith in 1682. I believe that this Judith is the one who married my Edward Timms but I cannot be certain of that or that these two belong to this John Mason. The only son he mentions in his will is Richard.


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I have not found his baptism. However, his father's will of 1680 speaks of his son Henry and Henry's son Henry.

In the view of June Timms (Thornton) this Henry married Lucy Wolford. I know that a Henry Times married a Lucy Wolford on January 15, 1637 in Whichford, so he is a likely candidate. Although I know that he had a son Henry, we do not know for sure that he had any other children. However, it seems reasonable to assign Edward and Margaret to him too.


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Almost all of the information re this Ninian, his wives and his children comes from Alison deCaen. Alison believes that she can trace a line in her tree back to the 1400's. Neil Byers has confirmed her data as to at least this Ninian and his father.


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I have taken the date for her birth as the date of a baptism for a Margaret Tims, daughter of Henry Tims. I cannot find any reference to the baptism of her siblings, but as I have noted elsewhere, the records during the Cromwell period are missing or scant. From her father's will, I know that they all existed.
I have a burial for her husband, John Johnson on December 9, 1693. He said to be 64 years of age and since he was referred to as the husband of Margaret, them she was presumably still alive then.


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Here is his will, courtesy of Clive Jones.


In the name of God Amen the 29th day of July anno domini 1687 and in the third yeare of the reigne of our Soverigne King James the Second of England and Realm. I John Holtome of Cherington in the County of Warwicke, Yeoman being weake in Body but of a disposing memory (thanks be to God) doo make & ordayne this my last Will and Testam't in manner for me following:

First I give & bequeath my soule to Allmighty God my Creator to Jesus Christ my redeemer by the merrits of whose death & passion I do verily believe to be saved, my Body to be buried in the Parish Church Yard of Cherington aforesaid and my worldly roods I give as followeth:
I give & bequeath unto Debora my loving wife that part of my dwelling house called the hall, the chamber over the hall and half the garden, a half part orchard and part of the rickyard & barns to lay and thresh her corn in the term of her life. I give & bequeath allsoe unto Debora my loving wife my three quarters of a yard land here to foore called Slyes for the term of her life and one third part of the cropp. I give & bequeath unto my son Nicholas Holtome & the heyre males of his body and that my one yard land which I lately purchased of Thomas Lucy Esq; and my other three quarters land after my wifes decease and the other part of my house & my holestall unbequeathed and two parts of this present cropp of corn, hay & grain & my wife's 3rd part with all my implements of husbundry carts, plowes & stock of cattle,he the said Nicholas paying all my debts & legacies here afternamed, but if it a case he shall refuse to pay it within three months next after my decease then my will is that he shall have noe benefitting by this my last Will & testam't.
I give & bequest unto my Son Thomas Holtom fourty pounds.
I give & bequest unto my Son Joseph Holtom twenty pounds.
I give & bequest unto Debra Holtom my daughter thirty pounds.
I give & bequest unto Anne Holtom my daughter thirty pounds.
Item: my will is that if my son Nicholas Holtome shall not have heyre male of his body then I give and devise unto my son Thomas Holtom after my son Nicholas & my wifes decease, all my dwellinghouse and holestall my yard land & three charters of a yard land & to his heyres for ever, and if it should soe happen that if my son Nicholas should have noe son and one daughter then my will is that my son Thomas shall pay unto that daughter fifty pounds & if two daughters sixty pounds equally to be divided betweene them. Item: all that remains of my goods & chattels what so ever unbequeathed I give & bequeath unto Deborah my loving wife whom I doe make the sole Executor of this my last Will & Testam't. Sealed & published in the prescence of:

Antho Dickins John Holtom his mark X

Will Dickins
Richard Godson The day & year above written.

Inventory appraised 7th October 1687. By Antho Dickins, Stephen Garrett & John Mason X his mark.