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There are two Arthur William Timms birth registrations for 1871. One is in Peterborough in the 4th quarter and one is in Chipping Norton in the 3rd quarter. They are folio 3b, page 204 and folio 3a, page 687. Since writing the above, I have come into possession of Arthur's application for admission to the Veterans' Home. He filled in his birthday as November 21, 1871. Therefore, he must be the first one.

When he was baptised in Tredington, he is shown with all three given names. I have never seen that elsewhere.

Arthur William is there with his parents and all of his siblings in the 1885 state census and with his parents and all of his siblings.

I finally found him in 1900. He was living as a boarder in Kikapoo, Leavenworth with Daniel Thompson and family, and other boarders. He is said to be a farm labourer. The 1930 census says that he served in the Spanish American War. If I am not mistaken, that occurred in 1898. As he was living in Leavenworth in 1900, presumably he was discharged by then.

Since typing the above paragraph, I have found Arthur's enlistment as a volunteer for the Spanish American War. He enlisted in Company H, of the 3rd Missouri Infantry, in 1898. I also found him in the list of persons enlisted between 1798 and 1914. He was shown as being born in Warwickshire England which I know to be wrong. He enlisted on August 28, 1898 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, by Captain Woodruff. He was 17 years old. He had light eyes, light hair, and a fair complexion. His occupation was a driver. He was 5' 71/2''. He was discharged on February 28, 1890 at Fort Leavenworth. There is a bunch of stuff written regarding his discharge but I cannot read it.

He is said to be living in Hot Springs, South Dakota at the time of his father's death in 1918. He is to be found in South Dakota in the 1910 census there. His name is misspelled as "Arther." His wife's name is also misspelled as "Daisie." There are no children set out. Since he had been married ten years, it is quite possible that he did not have any. He was a fireman.

I finally found him in 1920. His entry had been mistranscribed under "Simms." He and Daisie were still in Hot Springs, South Dakota. The puzzling part was that his mother in law, Elizabeth Freman was living with them. That creates yet another last name for Daisie.

He appears in 1927 city directory for Seattle, Washington. He and Daisy are living at 3416 Yesler Way. He is a house painter. In the 1928 Seattle city directory, they were at 101 Frink Blvd., and he was still a painter.

I also found him in the 1930 census for Seattle, Washington of all places. He appears as a brother-in-law at the household of Evan C. Clayton. With him are his wife Daisy B. Timms who is Evan's sister. Arthur was retired. There seems to be a mis-match of Daisy's parents' info and her brother's. Did they have the same mother but different fathers? He and Daisy B were listed in various Seattle City Directories from at least 1827 to 1928. He was shown as a painter. But in 1930 he is living in the Verteran's home but he seems to be also living elsewhere that year and the year after.

He was still living with Daisy in the Veteran's home in the 1940 US Census.

Where was Arthur William between 1900 and 1910 and did he have children? I believe the answer to that question is no, as he said there were none when he filled in his application for the Veteran's Home.

I have found a partial answer to my above question. He appears in the Leavenworth, Kansas City Directory in 1902, 1905, and 1907. Also listed in 1902 and 1905 are his father Edward his brother Edward, plus his cousins Walter, Willliam, and William. By 1907 only his father and brother were listed. There is a verteran's pension application for him in 1908, where he is shown as an invalid.

I have now found him in the 1915 and 1925 South Dakota State Censuses. He is married but his wife's information is not there. It does say both times that he was in the Spanish American War and that he served in the Missouri 7th Regiment, Company H. Even then, he was in a soldier's home.

I have now found that he is buried in the cemetery next to the Washington State Veteran's home, in Kitsap County, Retsil. His brief time in the army during the Spanish American War made him eligible to live in the Veterans' Home and be buried there. Daisy is buried there too. An obituary would be nice.


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I have found her in the index for birth registrations for 1873 for the 4th quarter for Peterborough (folio 3b, page 212)

She was alive at her mother's death in 1896. She appears in various Leavenworth City directories up to 1900. She was a "domestic." She is not referred to in her father's obituary in August 1916, so she presumably died before then. Whether she ever married, I do not know. That said, there is a Mable Hogen, or Hagen, 21 years old, living with Edward and Jane in the 1895 Kansas State collection. She could have married in between 1900 and 1895.

She is in the 1890 Leavenworth city directory as "Miss Mabel Timms." She works as a dressmaker and lives at r northeast corner 15th and Spruce.


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I wonder why she was baptised so long after her birth?

I believe that I have found her in the 1900 US Census for Indianapolis City, Indiana. She is a servant with the Judson family at 2019 North New Jersey St. All of her data re place of birth, places of parents' birth and when she came to the US, match the Edward Timms in Leavenworth.

My "guess" re her was confirmed when I was directed to the marriage of a Louise S. Timms to a George J. Hanser in Indianapolis in 1903. She lists her Parents as E. Timms and J. Holtom.

She appears in the California Death Index as having been born on January 7, 1879. I cannot find her in the SSDI - why not?

She and George are in the California Voters' List in 1934 at 124 South Cedar St., Los Angles County. That is for Glendale City. In 1936 they are at 114B West Dryden St., Glendale City. He is a glass worker and she is a manager. In 1940 she is alone at 863 East Mountain St. She is a nurse. She is always a Democrat.

What is odd is that I although I can find her in the 1910 and 1920 censuses, I cannot find her in the 1930 census.

In 1910, she and her husband were in Green Township, Hamilton County, Ohio. They had been married 6 years. He was a carriage painter.

In 1920, she and her husband and daughter Jane were living in Cincinnati at 4180 Liberty St. The information re Geroge comes from that. It also says that she was naturalized in 1903. I have also located them in a 1923 city directory for Cincinnati. They were living at 4778 Loretta Ave. She was a telephone operator and George was in auto livery. There was a Harry C. FISHER, clerk, at the same address. The nearest cross street is Overlook Ave. In 1939, she and George were living at 863 East Mountian Street, Glendale. He was in auto glass. She had no occupation listed.

In her father's obituary, she is said to be in San Bernardino, California then - 1918. They were awaiting her arrival for the funeral.

In the 1940 US Census, she was working as a private nurse in the home of Eva Bowles and Lilly Swygart at 863 East Mountain Street in Glendale.