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In the letter from her brother William in 1869, he refers to her and cousin Robert losing their sight.


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I do not know if John ever married. In his letter of January 1, 1858, William asks John "I under Stood that you Were About to Get Maried Some Time Past Pleas Answer what is the Ladies name." So who knows?


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I have found him in the 1870 census, done on July 16th, for Newark, New Jersey. He is in ward 7. He was 51 on his last birthday. Jane was 47. The children (Mary, John and William) were 17, 12 and 7. Nevin was living with them and was 22 years old. I am still trying to find them in the 1860 census.

I have found an Appointment of Oath and Appraisers for the estate of a William Kennedy dated February 26, 1874, appointing Nicholas Rutan and David Young to appraise the estate of William Kennedy, debtor, for his widow, Jane Kennedy. Unfortunately, there is no reference to a date of death.

In 1880 the census extract read as follows:

Census Place: Newark, Essex, New Jersey
Source: FHL Film 1254779 National Archives Film T9-0779 Page 271C

Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace

Jane KENNEDY Self F W W 57 IRE
John KENNEDY Son M S W 22 NJ
William KENNEDY Son M S W 17 NJ

On July 14, 1999, I met with my cousin Patty Kennedy (Downey) who gave me a number of documents relating to the Kennedy family. I have copied the contents of the documents starting with the letters from William Kennedy to his brothers written in the 1850's, 60's and 70's. William and his family were living in Newark, New Jersey. These letters were all contained in an envelope made of reinforced linen addressed to Mrs. Mary Henderson, 17 Shipboy Street, off Nelson Street, Belfast Ireland. This envelope appears to be dated July 14, 1886 and to have been mailed from Patrick, Glasgow (is that in Scotland or Ireland?). It is also dated July 14, 1886 on another stamp that I cannot read and on the back there is another date in July, possibly the 17th, in Belfast.

I have found a William Kennedy leaving Newry in May 1850, on the ship the MARCHIONESS OF BUTE, bound for New York. This might be he. The age seems five years off though as the one on the ship was 25 years old in 1850.

Letter no. 1

(Based on its content, this is probably the first one. If it is, then there could be a problem with the date thereon, which is actually quite clear when one reads it carefully. If one applies the math in the next letter, it was sent in about 1849. More likely, William travelled elsewhere before arriving in America. I have left the spelling as is in all the letters. As well, since some of the sheets in the first letter were torn, I had to decide what half went with what half.)

Newark January the 1, 1858
Dear Brother
An Sister I received your kind an Welcome letter on the 23rd of last Month An a Paper from Brother John the Same Day I was happy to Here from yous An Hopp in God that thos few lins Will find yous in good Helth As the leav(?) us at Present I Never was in Better Helth than I Am at Present My Wife is Well. Mary has got a cold John Has the (there is a whole line here which I cannot read.).

I have nott through(?) Any in 9 weeks. I am to work at Present. An is Likely to Continy. The Wether is very Plesent. We hav had Know Snow Nor Frost this winter. It looks lik Spring.

Deer Brother I Am(?)
Happy to here that Robert an wife was to see you But I think it Strang that he Never has Wrot to me Nor has George Nor David you will pleas let them Know that I Am Well not forgetting Mary. I would like to see you all. Happy New year.

A Happy New Year to you John I under Stood that you Were About to Get Maried Some Time Past Pleas Answer what is the Ladies name.

I have Got a fine Sisterin law in Ty*on An She lives with Hur Ant She has 10 acres of Good lan At "26" Per Acre At the Aunts Death This is fects.

I B*ut Perhapps you Might thinK Hur too young She is "23." An you Are getting up to (there is another whole line here that I cannot read.)
Knoshen (I believe that he is trying to spell "notion" here) of spending A Shiling or too An go An see Hur" Hur Kname is Anna Miller She livs in the Town lan of Knock Areven Nine Mils out of Armagh.
I thank you for your News Paper and I hope you will send them often.

For Robert A Happy New year to you My Dy***ous is 132 James St NewarK New Jersey
And Wil send our Best Respects to you All *o Nor At Present But Remains your Brother
Wm Kennedy

The first letter that I get I Expects Will Bee from Davit

(The names included in the letter imply that in 1858, his siblings John, David, George, Robert, and Mary were alive in still living in NI. And since the next letter refers to sister Elizabeth, I guess that she was still alive too.)

Letter no. 2

Newark, June the 22nd, 1869

My dear Brother I Received your Kind and welcome on the 17th of May Bearing date the 3rd. This was something I Long looked for from you and I am happy that your wife and you have made up your minds to come to Newark. I would have written in answer to your letter sooner But I did not wish to have you come in the heat of summer. The Spring or fall is the Best time to come if you get here about the 1st or the middle of October you will be allright and I will comply with your wishes in proper time, you wish me to make a statement of New (Home?) Provisions rate here. Everything is about the one third more in value here than with you. This has Been so Since the war Broke out, house rent is high But men's wages is in accordance. Labouring wages is ten Dollars per week this is 2 pounds Sterling. Tradesman Earn from three to four and five pounds sterling per week this is paid every week, Newark is a Beautifull place, with its rich Manufactory Resources it is a grate place for Business, fifteen hundred thousand inhabitants from all parts of the world.
Dear Brother I am very Sorry, of Sister Elisa and cousin Robert losing their sight that invaluable Gift of God May the god of all grace be their guide through this weary Pilgrimage and Santify to them this great affliction and I hope that their Spiritual sight will Shine with Spiritual light which will last through the Endless ages of Eternity. It is Twenty years and 4 months the 25th of this month Since I left Reyian and the time looks Short. I have travelled very little through this country, I have kept steady to work all the time one I was confined to my Bed for 2 weeks by Sickness one year ago by a Heavy cold that I got. I got Quite well again with great care.
I was sorry to hear that Robert lost his daughter, Remember me to Robert and his wife and Family give my Best Respects to my Brother John and my Sister Mary and to brother Samual McKee and Sister, and when you write me, let me know where his first wife's children is, also give my Respects to my uncle Edward's family and let me know how they are and where they are, David when you write Explain to me About my aunts in Newry for I knew of none except my Aunt Martha, uncle James' wife the Reverend John Whitman Returned from Africa last fall he staid but a short time as His Health failed he was obliged to come home but he is well now, and his mother is Quite well I was talking to her this Day, so is Mary Jane and Lettyann and as for William he is an over very clever tall young man
My dear Brother David when you read these few lines and as soon as convenient you will write me and Answer and let me know what your determination is W Whitman wished me to see Aaron Henery concerning his sister Miss Flanagan(?) If he would encourage her to come to this country, But it was not in my Power to go there yet, it is a very inconvenient place to go to from where I live I have Been to see him once and took Dinner with Him I mean to go soon now if I am Spared Health,
David I suppose you will think Strange that a woman with a Sewing Machine can Sew more in one Day than Twelve men would Do, and a great part of our Shoes are Sewed by machinery, My wife and children join with me in Sending their love to you and your family, I have nothing more to State at Present But may The Blessing of God rest upon you in all your undertakings and I Ever Remain your affectionate
Brother William Kennedy

Letter no 3.
(Page 1)

Newark New jersey December the 11th 1869

My Dear
Brother David you may think that
I am tedious in fulling my Promise to you
But it was owing to circumstances, Business
Became very Dull, in the fall owing to Money
Matters, and will be Dull all this winter
and it would have Been imprudent for me
to have Brout Brought you and your family
here, at a time when you could not obtain
Employment, But if we are all Spared
Health I Expect to have you here in the
Spring, I have Been to see about the
Passage, and it comes to more money than
I Expected, I intend if God Spares Me
to pay your Passage, and your wife,s passage
in a Steamer, and the children,s will be
half Price, that I think you can,
manage to Pay, you need not trouble
your Self about clothing, only whatever you have
let it be neat and good, Either in apperal

(Page 2)

or Bedding, Woolen Socks, and Stocking
and flannels, are very nessary But do not
lay out your money in much Preperations,
these facts I state at present that you
may have time to prepare, as much as
Possible, about the first of April, it is
Expected that Buisnefs will be good, and
we Expect you will be here About that
time then you will have a fair chance for the
Summer and See The Beauties of Newark
and its Surrounding Senerys, write to me
as Soon as this comes to hand, and let me
Know how you all are, and how my Sister
Eliza is, and give my love to her in the warmest
manner, give my love to John and Mary and
Brother Robert and family and George
and Family, we are all well here at Present
hoping that these few lines will find you
in the Same, we have an Earley Winter
Plenty of Snow on the Ground at Present,
let me know how your are getting along
and how times are at home and how
the crops have turned out

(Page 3)

My Dear Brother you will let Mrs. Hanna
Know that I went acording to your Wishes
to See her Brother the next Day, after I
got the letter he lives in Statin Island
as soon as I got of the Boat he was almost
the first man I met uncepectedly for I
intended to Ride a long Distance in to
the Countery, but he has moved nearer me
we had Drinks together and I knew him
by his father But he Did not know me
and it was it a long time Before I could get
Him convinced who I was, for we had
not met in Eighteen years and Before he has
had a Large family of eleven children 9 Living
and 2 Dead, the Eldest Son is married
I think if Mrs. Hanna,s Property is like
what I wance once saw it, She is Better
where She is than coming here with her
little Girls, the letter that the Rev, Mr
Whiteman wrote to Mr Henery when he
was visiting Ireland, Mr Henery
told me he had Received it,

(Page 4)

The Directions, for Mr Henery
Staten Iland Post office on the
Shore Road State of New york

Dear Brother there is one Request I would
ask of you that you would Put a head
Stone over our Father and mothers, Graves
Before you leave Newerey and let me
Know what the Expences will be and
I will Remit to you the money to
pay for it, See about, it Before you
Answer, this letter, that I may have your
Statement of the costs, let Robert and
John and George Assist you for I think
they will be Desireous of having it Done
This Stone I wish to be of granite Stone
Smooth and well Polished and set in
a Stone Sill and that Sill to be laid in
a good Stone and Lime mortar foundation,

I will now Say to you what
I wish to Engraved on This Said Stone

This Stone was Erected in Memory of John Kennedy, of Ryan, who Departed this Life June 30th, 1841 Aged 55 years, and Elizabeth His Wife ********* March the 15th, 1846
(This is a separate piece of paper, part of which is torn away)

No more at Present from your Brother
William Kennedy
(These lines are actually upside down at the top of page 2)

Letter No. 4

Newark Newjersey March the 1" 1870

My Dear
Brother you may think it Strange
that you have not heard from me Before now
I told you in my last letter, that we have
very dull times here, and they are nothing Better yet,
you will see by the Publik paper, that I send
to you, what the cause of all of this is, But as
I soon as Buisnefs improves I will furnish
you with the means to come, I will Pay
your Pafsage in Steamer so that you can
come in two weeks, and give you the full
Particulars, will come, I have been Expecting
a letter from you in answer to one I sent to you
About Christmas I want to Know if you found
It convenient to have Headstone put up over
our Father and Mother,s Graves and if you have send
me the amount of cost and I will remit to you the money

Since the Breaking out of the war we have
had no Gold or silver money it is all paper
money, and there was a great Discount on
paper money, But now they are going to Issue
Gold and Silver, instead of so much paper
and that is the reason of the Stagnation in
Buisnefs, Buisnefs men dose not like to
run the risk in Money at Present,

Write as soon as this comes to hand and let
me Know How you are, and how you are getting
a long and how my Brothers and Sisters
are, give my Love to my Sister Eliza and
let me know how She is getting along
give my respects to her Husband and family
and John and Mary and to George and family
Robert and family and to all Inquiring
Friends and Neighbours, I and my family
are well hoping that these few lines will
find you and yours in the Same They
Join with me in sending their love to
you and your Wife and Family

we have had a very open winter with
very little Snow, a slight fall of Snow
in November, and one now and that is
the most this year, I have nothing more
to State at Present but I Remain
your affectionate Brother
William Kennedy