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If I have the right family in the 1851 census for Wallington, he is there with Harriet and three children: William (21?), Charles 10 and Fanny 9. Where was Harriet?

Assuming that I have the right family, in the 1861 census for Wallington, he and his wife Harriet appear along with the son William. Both father and son are farm labourers.

Interestingly enough, in the 1871 census, there is a John Wignell and Harriet Wignell in the same place but with different birth years. In both censuses, John King, house painter is next door.


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According to the IGI, he was baptised on December 26, 1841, at St John the Baptist Church in Croydon.


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In the Bishops transcripts he and his wife are noted as being from "Nash," in the parish of Whaddon. They were married by banns by Charles Gray, curate.

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In the Bishops transcripts, his parents are noted as being from "Nafh."?? It may be "Nash" as that was my interpretation for another entry.


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Buried Pond Mills Cemetery


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Here is a note I found from Margaret Hulbert on the internet:

2. GREIVE, Gordon, male, born Oct 12, 1901, father = Adam GREIVE (farmer, of West Williams, Middlesex Co., Ontario), mother = Elizabeth RANDALL + other details from Marg Hulbert: Gordon Havlock Grieve b. Oct 19, 1901 to Adam Grieve and Elizabeth Randall is in my Grieve Tree. Gordon's father Adam, is the son of John Grieve, brother of my g grandfather, Adam. Gordon married Anna Grace Mason and they lived in Fruitland, BC along with the rest of the family. I have all their info and Adam had quite a few descendants.

About whom is she speaking?

Later on I found this note from her on the internet:

Adam Grieve b. 1822 Castleton Parish, Roxburghshire. His obit in 1905 read that he was born in Newcastleton, his birth was not on the Scottish micro fiche. He was the son of Walter Grieve and Eleanor (Helen) Elliot. Walter was the oldest son of John and Lizzie Paisley Grieve. Adam married Jean (Jane) Cumming b. 1827 Dalhousie Twp, ON. d. 1908 Downie Twp. Their issue (the first 7 are buried in Avonbank, Cemetery, Downie Twp, Perth Co., ON):.

Walter b. 1853 Downie Twp. Died in infancy.

John George Grieve b. 1857 Downie Twp, d. 1933 Avonton, ON. Married to Mary Murray b. 1860 Downie Twp, d. 1941 Wingham, ON, d/o John Murray and Elizabeth Shields

William Grieve b. 1859 Downie Twp. Died before 1871.

Jean (Jane) Grieve b. 1861 Downie Twp, d. 1923 Sarnia, ON. Married to Edward Byers b. 1852 Downie Twp, d. 1916 Avonton, ON, s/o John Byers and Margaret Aitcheson.

Jean (Jane) Grieve b. 1861 Downie Twp, d. 1923 Sarnia, ON. Married to Edward Byers b. 1852 Downie Twp, d. 1916 Avonton, ON, s/o John Byers and Margaret Aitcheson.

Helen (Ellen) Grieve b. 1867 Downie Twp, d. 1916 Downie Twp. Unmarried and lived with her brother Adam on homestead.

Margaret (Maggie) Anne Grieve b. 1869 Downie Twp, d. 1934 London, ON. This is my maternal grandmother. She married Robert Clarke Jr. b. 1862 Fullarton Twp, d. 1937 St. Marys, ON, son of Robert Sr. and Elizabeth Leversage.

Robert Grieve b. 1855 Downie Twp, d. 1929 St. Marys, On. Buried St. Marys Cemetery, St. Marys, ON. Married Jean (Jane) Warwick Rae b. 1855 Downie Twp, d. 1941 Sarnia, ON, d/o Simon Rae and Mary Murray.

Walter Grieve b. 1865 Downie Twp, d. 1941. Buried Avondale Cemetery, Stratford, ON. Married Elizabeth Welsh b. 1874 Downie Twp, d. 1960 St. Marys, ON, d/o William Welsh and Rachel Cairns.


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The information re their chilfren comes from Glenna Jamieson in Surrey B.C. She also says that Ninian lived at Newlands Fram in Castelton before immigrating.

I have found him in the 1854 for North Dorchester. He is a freeholder who owns lot 11 of the south half of the 2nd concession.


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Is he the William Beattie who married Martha Beaden? They have a son John mentioned by the Rev Proudfoot in his diary in August 1833.