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As I do for my dad, I have his Calgary School Registration Card. It says that he started grade two there in September 1918. It also has him born in Vanguard, Saskatchewan not St. Marys, Ontario. He was living at 1417, 4th St. S.E. John R. is noted as his parent or guardian. He continues in the Calgary school system until June 1923. If "F" means he failed, then he failed every year

The memorial card for his funeral says that it was held at the Hollyburn Funeral Home on November 24, 1984 at 1:00 PM with the Reverend C. Henning officiating.

Robert Timms says that his dad sold Liberty Bonds in the early War years.

Robert also says that his dad was living in Winnipeg in 1931 with both his brother Ray and our grandfather John. There is a photo of all three of them outside a house bearing the numbers 781. However, Larry does not appear in any Winnipeg city directories.

I am positing that Larry and Gloria met in Winnipeg when he was there with his dad and Gloria was on one of her cross Canada magazine selling trips. They married earleir than I thought that they had.

Larry and Gloria appear in the Vancouver city directory for several years. Unfortunately, I do not have access for all years. For those years when I do have them, they are at 1817 Chesterfield Dr. Larry is shown as a salesman.

I found some correspondence between Larry and Statistics Canada from the 1970s. Larry was trying to "correct" his birth date. His birth was not registered until March 19, 1930. John put Larry's birth date as November 4, 1909. But from the 1921 census (he was living with his father at 1417, 4 1/2 Street East in Calgary) he must have been born in 1908 as he was shown as 12 years old. In the 1941 census, he was 32 years old, living with Gloria at 1598 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia.


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This Timms changed his name to Raymond Victor Morris after first changing it to Ray Barclay. According to my fatter, the first change supposedly resulted from his deserting from the navy in NFLD. Then he became a Kabalarian Philosopher which required the second change.

I do not know much about the "philosophy" but it seems to be based on numerology of some kind. Kenneth G. Aitken, Prairie History librarian at the Regina Public Library, says that "it seemed to have a strong representation from the Shephardic Jewish community in western Canada. The official website of "Kabalarian Philosophy" says "The Kabalarian Philosophy includes a logical explanation of mind and its relationship to mathematics, language, and consciousness." It also says that "the Kabalarian Philosophy™ was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in 1930 by Alfred J. Parker (1897 - 1964). Mr. Parker made an independent discovery of the connection between numbers, the symbols of language, and the forces of intelligence which comprise the human mind. In the course of his life he pioneered this new understanding in the western world."

The above seems somewhat at odds with a certificate of service in the RCN Volunteer Reserve which I found showing that he served from April 23, 1943 to July 11, 1945 when he was discharged as medically unfit for service. That certificate however, had him born in 1918 not 1912 (which would be impossible given when his mother died) so perhaps he did desert earlier and then re-enrolled under a new name. He gave his religion as Roman Catholic, said that he lived in Victoria and was an electrician.

As well, this does not jibe with the stories dad told me re Ray working at the docks in Vancouver - unless that was before he re-enlisted?

By 1946, he was working as a waiter at the Georgia Hotel in Vancouver. Cousin Bob Timms says that he worked as a waiter or bartender at various locations in Vancouver, including the Army and Navy Club. He once worked at the Jockey Club in Vancouver as a waiter.

In the 1930 Calgary Directory, he was working at D.S. Patterson & Co. and living at 824 6th Ave. W.

After his wife died, he ended up living with a woman named Lou.

His death certificate is in the name of Raymond Victor Morris. He died of esophageal cancer, after 7 weeks.

His will left everything to the Kabalarian Society of Canada, except for his personal and domestic articles, which he gave to a Patti-Rae Wattie of Williams Lake, B.C. Was she a new wife? Dad and Vera were going to try to contest the will but were advised against it.


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When Jean Dunn died Helen was sent to live with her aunt Maggie in Ontario. She went back to Calgary about 1927. She finished high school at Central C.I. and then went to work for a Dr. Adams in Calgary. The Adams wanted to adopt her but that did not happen.

She was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1945, was hospitalised in North Battleford, Sakatchewan, and then transfered to Ponoko, Alberta, where she spent spent many years hospitalized.

I have a note from talking to cousin Helen that says that Louis Bierwagon and aunt Vera met at Normal School, and that is how Louis and Helen met.

Like dad, Helen went to and graduated from Central High School in Calgary.