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His birth year comes from the 1881 census.

I am not too sure about any family he mgiht have had on his own. There is a Frank Golding, age 24, born in Coydon in the 1891 census for Lambeth parish in London. He is single, is a boarder and a general labourer.

In the 901 census, there is a Frank Golding living with his family at 79 Blondell St. in Battersea, London. He is 34 and born in Croydon. He was liivig with his wife Alice who was 41 years old. He has the four children indicated on the family page.


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In the 1881 census, she is no longer at home. I found her as "Emma E. Golding, born in Hawkhurst, age 18, working as a servant for Alfred Haynes in Croydon." Presumably this is Emma, the younger sister, who was the witness for Frances' marriage to Thomas Bryant in 1883.

In 1891, she is still a servant but this time is working for Frederick G. Humphries in Richmond, Surrey, as a cook.

As to 1901, I cannot find her so she may have died or married.


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I really don't know much about her. My father (and everyone else to whom I spoke) was unsure even if Montgomery was her first or last name. It was only when I found the marriage certificate that I settled that one. She was deeply involved in the English Salvation Army. My cousin Helen Jean tells me that she served as a missionary in the Salvation Army in Asia. Why she would marry my grandfather remains a mystery. To save him? I have recently found where they married and when and where she died - Drumheller Alberta. She is likewise buried there.

I have found her arrival in Canada on july 8, 1920, aboard the Empress of Canada. She said that she was coming to visit her brother in Toronto and that she did not intend to stay in Canada. Again, how and where did she meet John? Her brother lived at St. Clare's ? That probably meant St Clair Avenue. But perhaps mot since another arrival document said that she would be staying with her borther William Montgomery in Toronto for one year and that he lived at 23 Balinda

Helen Jean gave me what she thought was a regimental pin from the Salvation Army. It is in the form of a silver sword from which hangs a person, possibly in ivory. It once had rubies for the eyes of that person. It bears the number 642336. Helen Jean says that it belonged to "Monty." From my research, it appears as if this pin more likely belonged to her father as it is not a Salvation Army pin but rather a pin celebrating the English Army in the Boer war in South Africa. The picture on the ceramic side is General Roberts. It is hard to say who is represented in the other side. I tend to think that it is "John Bull."

There are at least two possible births for her. I have not been able to pin her down in any UK census. That may be because she was in Asia.

The bible that has John Timms' name in the front was her bible. It bears the inscription (over which John wrote his name):
(illegible writing)
on her Marriage
in splendid appreciation
of faithful service as
an Officer of
the Salvation Army
The Parish Commissioner
National Headquarters, London
June 1921

It also has the date November 27, 1927 in the front and the back. I am not sure what that means.

Recently (July 2009) I found the entry for her arrival to Canada. She arrived on the ship Empress of France on July 8, 1920. Her entry shows her as single and 42 years old. She was listed as a Salvation Army officer. She said that she was not coming to Canada permanently but for one year. She was going to stay with her brother William in Winnipeg and then she was going to Victoria. It reads as if she had her own residence there. As she and John married less than one year later, it must have been a whirlwind romance.

Dad wrote a note which I found after his death in which he said that she died in Drumheller of typhoid fever about one year after they married. What was John doing in Drumheller? I could look for her death certificate I guess.


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Marjorie Griffiths says she was born December 1, 1876. Margaret Hulbert says it was December 1, 1877. If and when I have time, I will confirm that. She is described as 4 years old in the 1881 census which was done in April 1881, so I expect that Majorie is correct.


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She and Jessie were twins.


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She and Jean were twins.


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I was told that she was a Belgium woman whom Thomas met there during the war. She was that, as per her arrival to Canada data in 1919. I also found her coming back to Canada from Belgium on August 5, 1927, on the SS Montiarn, with the two daughters Dorothy and Rita. It says where she was born and gives her parents' names but it is too blury to read. However, now that I have the marriage certificate, I am reasonably certain of their names. The marriage certificate says that they were married in the Arrondissement of Nivelles, in the Province of Wallon Brabant, Belgium. I cannot find the actual town or village spoken of in the marriage certificate.

Having looked at City of Vancouver directories, she was last there in 1985 but gone in 1986. If they are accurate, then she died during that time or perhaps late 1984.