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On the transcript for births and marriages for Castleton, her family name is spelled "Pasley" and "Paislay."

Margaret Hulbert says that she was born in 1745 Langholm, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Why is that?

The IGI has her born June 12, 1741 in Castleton, to the same parents. It also has her born to Walter Paisley and either Margaret Davidson or Dalgleish in Langholm


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Margaret Hulbert says that she was born in Blakburn, Castleton.


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Margaret Hulbert says she was born in Pathhead, Castleton.


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Margaret Hulbert says he was born in Pathhead, Castleton.


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Margaret Hulbert says she was born in Pathhead, Castleton. She and James are obviously twins.


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Margaret Hulbert says that he was born in Park, Castleton.


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She does not appear on the transcript for births for Castleton - where is her birth registered, if at all? Margaret Hulbert says she was born in Park, Castleton.

She also says that she and her husband went to Geneva, New York State in 1802. A naturalization paper was signed by James Beattie on Feb. 21, 1809 in Geneva, Ontario Co., NY. Her brother Eliot went to her home first on the way to Canada.


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Margaret Hulbert says he was born in Pathhead, Castleton. He and his wife immigrated to Canada in 1824.


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He and Sarah are in the 1871 census for Darlingscott, along with John E. 6 and William 2. They have 175 acres and employ 4 men and 1 boy. They have one servant.

By 1881, they only had 122 acres but had added Charles 7, Mary 4 and Norah, 11 months. Steven was listed as being born in Stourton and not Cherington. I know that to be wrong.

By 1891, only he and Charles were there. What happened to the rest of them? He is not listed as a widow, so who knows?

In 1901, he was living in Aston, Birmingham, Warks. He was still described as married and was living as a lodger at 111 Montgomery St. His wife was living alone in Worthing, West Sussex and was described as "living on own means." I can only guess that they had separated some time previously.


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The witnesses at her marriage were John Timms (probalby her uncle) and Mary Shepherd.

The 1881 UK census has her born in 1846? Her tombstone spells her name "Sophie" but gives no age at death.

In the 1911 UK census. she is shown as a widow living with her daughter Mary and her sister-in-law Mary. Both of the Marys are single. She is shown as having given birth to 5 children, 4 of whom were alive in 1911. I am only aware of 4 children.


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He seems to always be Shepard in the various censuses. Ditto his tombstone which gives his age at death as 71.


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At first I put his birth in 1841, as he is shown as age 20 in the 1861 census in Todenham, Gloucester, England where he was living with this uncle and aunt. As the census was on April 7/8, he must have been born between April 1840 and April 1841. I have learned from his obituary that he was born September 10, 1840 and therefore, that fits. In the 1881 census, his birth place is shown as Norfolk, America. Initially, the only Norfolk of which I was aware was in Virginia. Now I know that there is a Norfolk County in Massachusetts. I now wonder if the family went to Massachusetts first. In the 1850 census for New York City, he is shown as age 9 - on May 31st - and his birth place was shown as New York. In every other document, including the 1900 census and his obituary, it says he was born in New York.

I have found the entry for his return to England in 1857. He was on the ship American Eagle, with his sister Sophia, which left from New York City and which landed in London on November 6, 1857. Because of his place a birth, he was on a list of"aliens" on the ship. I am guessing that his father and other sister left earlier, but have found no record of them.

In the will of his uncle John written in 1872, his wife Jane received a life interest in the profits and interest on one thousand pounds and after her death, the capital was to be distributed to her children. She was noted as being in Orton, Longueville at that time. That is in Northumberland. In the will of Edward's father, written in 1879, Edward received a life interest in the profits and interest on one quarter of the residue of his estate. No mention is made of his location. The capital went to his children upon is death. I have an email from a Carol Wray-Cook who is married to a Holtom. She says that she has a letter saying that Edward and Jane and the Children emigrated to America but she has no further details. I was unable to locate them in England on any census including in 1871 or 1881. I wondered if they had immigrated to Australia or Canada. Likewise, I could not find them in any US census, including 1880 and 1890. Finally, I located the children, one by one. Most of them were in Leavenworth, Kansas. This was confirmed by city directories. Then it was Edward. Then the obituaries and the internments.

Now I am quite satisfied that the family went to the USA in 1881. I am confident that I have found the family. I still need to find their arrival but the match of names, dates and places of birth are just too coincidental. I have found this Edward Augustus in Leavenworth City Directories from 1885 to 1889. He was a teamster and a gardener. At various times, his son Edward Augustus, his son Arthur and his daughter Mabel were with him in the Directory. Where were they from early 1881 to 1885? I may never know.

I found him and all of the family in the Kansas State census for Leavenworth in 1885. They are there again in 1895, except the oldest daughter. Edward is noted as a teamster.

There is an Edward Timms in the 1900 US census for Leavenworth, Kansas, born in September 1940 in New York, but he was married to an Elizabeth. They both had been married for 20 years. Of course, that does not mean that they had been married to each other for 20 years But the place of his birth and the places of his parents births match. Did he remarry after Jane died? Is the years married a mistake? The answer to that question is now a resounding "yes." This is Edward Sr. Whether he actually re-married or just lived with Elizabeth, I do not for the moment know. But from their obituaries and everything else, including the address, it is certainly he. The house that he and Elizabeth lived was owned by him and was mortgage free. What happened to it? I could look at the title documents I guess.

In the 1910 Census, Edward and Elizabeth were living together at 1424 High Street, Leavenworth, along with Edward Junior and another woman whose relationship I cannot work out.

His brief obituary reads: The funeral services for Edward A. Timms, who died early Friday morning will be held at 2 o'clock this afternoon from the home, 1424 Spruce street with the Rev. A. L. Wood of the First Methodist Church officiating. The funeral procession from the house to Mount Muncie Cemetery will be made up entirely of motor cars.

I find the last entry in the obituary very interesting. I expect that it was fairly unusual to have this but I may be wrong.

There was another obituary published on August 26, 1916, which probably came from the family. It read: The funeral of Edward A. Timms, who died early Friday morning will probably be held Sunday afternoon, but definite arrangements will not be made until a daughter, Mrs, George Hanser of San Bernardino arrives. Mr. Timms was born September 10, 1840 in New York state. Besides the daughter in California, his widow, two sons, Arthur A., Hot Springs, South Dakota,and Edward A., Leavenworth, and two daughters, Mrs, A. Boyle Indianapolis, Ind., and Mrs. George Hanser, Cincinnati, Ohio, survive him.