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There is an Elva V. Armour buried in the same section of the same cemetery as he is. I wonder who she is? There are also a Florence May and a Florence Victoria, an Elmer, a John, and a Mary. Were they children too?


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In the 1851 census, there is a William Fairweather, farmer, single, age 39 living in Lot 8, concession 4 of West Nissouri. He is from Scotland. His father, David is there with him. Is this he?


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Here they are in 1881, when, it would seem, that some of David's siblings were living with him:

Census Place:Nissouri West, Middlesex East, Ontario, Canada
Source:FHL Film 1375905 NAC C-13269 Dist 167 SubDist F Div 2 Page 6 Family 24
David HARDYMM45ScottishScotland
Occ:FarmerReligion:Presbyterian Canada
Mary Jane HARDYFM34EnglishOntario
Religion:Presbyterian Canada
Maggie HARDYF18ScottishOntario
Religion:Presbyterian Canada
George HARDYM14ScottishOntario
Occ:SReligion:Presbyterian Canada
Jessie HARDYF7ScottishOntario
Religion:Presbyterian Canada
James Edward HARDYM1ScottishOntario
Religion:Presbyterian Canada

This was three families down from roger Dunn and his family.


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There seems to be some disagreement as to where she was born. According to the Batie History, she was baptised on the date of August 2, 1784 at the Falstone Presbyterian Church in Simonburn Parish, Northumberland, England. Apparently this church is just across the border. Glenna Jamieson says it was in Northumberland. I have concluded that Jane was actually born at Hollenhead, Scotland, which is also just across the border. She married a William Herdman in Falstone in 1815. William died in October 1817. She and the children are shown on the family page.

There is a marriage between a Thomas Baty of Westminster and a Jane White of London on March 7, 1832. The witnesses were John and Elliot Grieve. Was this a brother?

In his diary, in April 1834, the Rev. Proudfoot says that he is visiting her as she "has been much indisposed and is not yet out of danger." Since she did not die until 1865, she clearly exited from the danger.

The family name seems to be spelled as "Batie" as often as "Baty." See the following note which is part of a longer one that can be found at

Meanwhile, in 1824 back in England, Arthur BATIE and several of his children were making preparations to join the earlier immigrants from Northumberland County in Ontario. Since Arthur's wife (Sisley TELFER) had died at age 56, Arthur came to the New World as a widower. With him were his widowed daughter Jane (BATIE) HERDMAN (CB) and her two daughters Cecilia (CBA) and Jane HERDMAN (CBB), Arthur's third daughter Isabella BATIE (CF) and her husband Andrew SCOTT, and Arthur's youngest son, Adam BATIE. This group did not go through New York State and then on to Ontario, Canada as the earlier ones had done in 1818/1819; instead they sailed direct from Glasgow, Scotland to Ontario in 1824.


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Below is a copy of a Letter sent to Mrs. Chase dated March 27, 1968. It was sent to Robert Lupient - April 26, 1968. It was written by Margaret and John M. Grieve. John M. Grieve was descendant of Elliot Grieve G9. I got the copy from Glenna Jamieson.

R. R. 2, Dorchester
Ontario, Canada
March 27, 1968

Dear Mrs. Chase:
Welcome to the Clan It is really interesting to learn about your family in Wisconsin. This is your second letter to us and we have been trying to trace the connections. We are very sorry now that we didn't get more information from the older generations who kept telling us stories of the family relatives. We are now in our sixties and trying to write the history down for our children.

The Grieve family came from Roxboroughshire, Scotland near Jedburgh. Our direct ancestor Elliot Grieve, son of John Grieve and a Lizzie Paisley, came out to Canada in 1819 by way of New York State where he visited a sister, Jean, Mrs. James Beattie, living near Geneva. She had a family of David, Willie, Jimmy, John & Jeanie. We have had no communication with them. Besides sister Jean, Elliot had a brother Walter who went to Australia (This is not likely. Walter had children who settled in Perth County, Ontario and this might account for the mistake?); William who came to Canada and settled near Parkhill; his son, John Grieve, married, Jenny Elliot; and John who married Jane Bell, probably your ancestor although you have his wife's name as Martha. Elliot and John Grieve and descendants are buried at Pond Mills Cemetery.

Elliot Grieve settled on Crown land 100 acres on the 2nd Concession of Westminster Township at Pond Mills. This farm with additional acres was owned by the family until 1960 when the area was annexed by the City of London. The land was sold to be subdivided. The square white brick house where we lived, build in 1860, is still there but the property is being built up with houses, apartments and a large high school. The Wilfred Laurier School. The farm is now called Westminster Park and the Streets named after ones in England. Too bad they couldn't have used at least one name from Scotland.

Pond Mills is a pretty spot, 2 small ponds, and at one time quite a thriving community with a grist mill, a tailor, a shoemaker but now just a pleasant residential area in London.

The Grieves, Elliots, Beatties and Batys, early settlers at Pond Mills, were members of the United Presbyterian Church of Scotland, and held services in the school house at Pond Mills. When Jennet Grieve died in 1825 a cemetery was started on the banks of the Pond. The cemetery is still in use and a lot of the dates have been verified from the stones. A Church was built on Concession 3, First Presbyterian Church, now First Westminster United Church with Grieve families still active.

You mentioned that your maternal grandfather was John Bell Grieve. I am drawing a family tree and including the knowledge that we have. As you see Elliot # 1 had a brother John married to Jane Bell, and children: Ann, Grizzell, Tom and Jack. They settled on a farm east of the Ponds on the 3rd Concession. We were talking to William Grieve in London last week, 90 years old & a descendant of John Grieve and Jane Bell. His daughter gave us a list of their relatives as recorded in the Bible. They think you are descended from Jack who went to Seaforth. We have a newspaper clipping of a James L. Grieve died 1942 and buried in Maitland Bank Cemetery near Seaforth. When the weather improves we intend going there to see what information and dates we can get. This is a rambling letter but as far as we know all the Grieve folk at Pond Mills were related so you must belong. We have the family Bible with Elliot Grieve's family recorded and a brief history by Isabella Grieve who died in 1952.

In our present family, a sister Margaret, lived in London, a retired teacher, and a brother Dr. Arthur D. Grieve in Montreal. We operate a dairy farm with purebred Holstein cattle. Son William is on the place next to us, our other son, Donald, is taking post grad. work at Cornell University. We lived on the old homestead until it was sold and moved east about ten miles to farms near Dorchester. We are just south of Hwy. 401 # 3, Westminster, interchange # 23. George Grieve and family live on Con. # 3, Westminster, also on a dairy farm. They have two sons: Tom and Jim, attending Agricultural Schools.

If we get any more information at Seaforth, we will send it on. Perhaps you will get over here and see us, or if we get out to Wisconsin, we will look you up.


Margaret & John Grieve

(Mr. and Mrs. John M. Grieve)