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The date of his baptism comes from the parish records for Whichford. The dates of death for Henry and his wife Anne are the dates of burial for them both. Like many Timms from Whichford and Cherrington, they married in Barcheston. Anne Attwood's baptism date comes from the parish records.

Where is his will? Did he not do one? It would seem not. I say that as in a rather complicated land arrangement - a lease and release - that I don't quite understand, there is a reference to Henry Timms senior of Cherrington who died on November 19, 1791 intestate, leaving his eldest son, Henry Timms, his heir at law.

I am also puzzled as to why he and his wife were in Cherrington. The land that his father left to him was in Stourton. Did he buy land there? Did his wife inherit land there? I should check to see if there is a will for her father once I find out who he was.

I am not sure that they are the parents of Henry born before 1749. However, the land that he inherited from his father is that which is passed on by the Henry Timms whose will is dated February 15, 1821. That lends some credence with respect to whether Henry and Anne are the parents of the Henry Timms born between September 1748 and September 1749.


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Her birth date shown here is actually her christening date as that is all that is available as per church records. The same is true for anyone born prior to civil registration.

Her brother Henry's will of February 15, 1821, does not leave anything to her but does leave property to William Baldwin and James Baldwin and their sisters Mary and Ann Baldwin. Her brother John's will gives property to his niece Margaret Baldwin. Are these five persons the children of Margaret and William? For the moment, I am going to say yes.

Before her marriage in 1773, she was a witness to several marriages in Cherington.


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He died as an infant.


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He was buried on May 23, 1962 in Holy Cross Cemetery, reference number 562184403.


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In the 1901 census he is shown as a servant, labourer, with the RIddell family. He is of Dutch origin.


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When I stared in June 1997, I put in these persons as the most likely parents of the William Timms who is my great, great, great grandfather. I had found them at the local LDS Family History Centre, on Family Search. They had two sons that I found: William who was christened on April 23, 1806 at Cherington, Warwickshire and John christened on December 27, 1803 at Cherrington, Warwickshire.

As my research has progressed, I became certain of the above. The marriage is in the Parish records on LDS film #0549947. Most importantly, it was confirmed by entries in the parish records for Cherrington, in Warwickshire.

The issue then became, who were the parents of the John Timms who married Judith Webb. At first I thought that the most likely candidates were Thomas and Catherine (Katherine) Timms of Stourton. If he was their son, then he was christened on September 30, 1773. That would make him very nearly 30 years old when he married, which seemed unusually old. If I have the right Judith Webb, she was almost as old, which might make some sense. I also considered the possibility that his parents were Edward and Elizabeth Timms as they had a Henry and an Edward as sons, however, their two children named John both died very young. I thought it possible that the uncles Henry and Edward mentioned in the will of John Timms of 1872 were not so much uncles as great uncles. That would work if Thomas and Edward were two of the children born to Anthony and Mary Timms in the 1730's and 40's. Of course, that put the question of Anthony's parents, front and centre. There is no Anthony whose baptism is recorded at about the appropriate period - 1690 to 1710. There is an Anthony baptised February 21, 1682. If he married around age 20, then he could have had a son named Anthony about the right time. Unfortunately, there is no record of a marriage for him or any children born to him. The Anthony baptised in February 1718/19 was clearly too young.

Finally, after receiving and decoding the various Timms wills, I became convinced that his parents were Henry and Ann Timms of Cherrington. Among many other things, John Timms is described as a Wheelwright in his marriage license to Judith. In the will of John Timms, brother to Henry Timms, he leaves property to his nephew John Timms, Wheelwright, son of Henry

If I am right and if I have Judith Webb's parentage right, then he married his first cousin once removed. That is more than possible - in that era, people married direct first cousins. As i now know, his son John married his first cousin: Sarah Timms.

What I also find interesting is that John and his brother-in-law William Baldwin enter into a bond with the Bishop of Worcester to save him harmless against any lawful impediment to the marriage. As I follow this, it is in effect an ecclesiastical marriage license.