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I know that he was listed in the 1850 census for New York City as age 14. The census was performed May 31, 1850. He does not appear to have returned to England with his father and his three youngest siblings, as he does not appear there with them in the 1861 census. However, since I cannot find him in the 1860 US census I have to wonder if he did go back there in 1860 and then returned to the US before the 1861 UK census. I cannot find the family in the 1861 Canadian Census either.

There is a William Timms in the 1860 census in the fourth district of the sixth ward, on page 212, of Roll 791. He seems to be living in a rooming house at 223 . He is said to be a confectioner and was born in New York. I don't think that it can be he, because neither Mary nor any of the children were with him. There was a 10 month old child named Mary J. Timms in what was clearly a hospital setting because many of the others there were doctors, nurses, etc. The margin says Children's' Nursery and Hospital. Mind you there was a nurse working there called Ann Timms, so it might have been her daughter.

I am quite certain that I have found find him in the 1870 US census. He and his wife, daughter and son were living in Newtown, Queens, New York. William is a butcher and his wife is keeping house. The last name was spelled Tims and not Timms.

I believe that I have him in the 1880 US census. He is shown as age 43. He was born in 1837. As the census was in July 1880, that is consistent. Living with him is his wife Mary A. and his daughter Mary J. He is a butcher. What is odd is that William Jr. does not appear in the census. Where was he? On the actual census image, he is at 404 West 53rd St. That certainly ties in with various city directories - see below.

Census Place: New York, New York, New York
Source: FHL Film 1254891 National Archives Film T9-0891 Page 550D

Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
William TIMMS Self M M W 43 NY Fa: ENG Mo: ENG
Occ: Butcher
Mary A. TIMMS Wife F M W 43 NY Fa: NY Mo: NY
Occ: Keeping House
Mary J. TIMMS Dau F S W 22 NY Fa: NY Mo: NY
Occ: At Home

I did find him in two New York City tax records for 1864 and 1865. He was living at 259 West 33rd St. in 1864 and was shown as a butcher. In 1865, he was still a butcher and was living at the same address. He is also there in the 1865 IRS tax rolls.

Starting in 1865, He appears in the Trow's Directory for New York as a butcher. He was living at 259, West 33rd St. He was at that address for three years and then he went to 403, West 33rd. For whatever reason, he does not appear in the 1869, 70, 71 or 72 Directory. Had he gone with his brother to Canada? Or was he the William Timms living in Newton Township as per the above? Starting in 1873, he was operating a meat shop at 224 Washington Market and living at 404 West 53rd. That continues until 1879 when William Jr. joins him at both addresses and at the meat market. He continues running the same business and living at the same address up until 1881. However, William Jr. does not seem to be with him every year. As far as I can tell, this William keeps operating the meat business in New York until at least 1895. There is an entry for a William H. Timms, butcher at the Washington Square address in 1889. He was then living at 142 West 62nd. There is an entry for a William H. Timms, butcher in 1891 at Washington Square and he lives at 134 West 101st. There is an entry in 1897-98 for a Timms, William, butcher, Washington Square but it does not say William H. so perhaps it is the son. William Sr. moves to 268 West 126th, to 301 West 133rd and to 134 West 101st. He obviously moved a fair amount.

In the will of his father in 1879, he is given a legacy of 500 pounds but there is no mention of where he lives or of a wife or children. In his uncle's will of 1872, he receives one third of the residue of that estate and is said to be in New York. Again there is no mention of a wife or children.

There is a William Timms, age 74, in the 1910 US census. He is an inmate in a place called the Fireman's Home in Hudson City, New York. This is a very interesting institution which was created in the late 1880s for indigent volunteer fireman from New York. This William was born in New York as were his parents. He was a butcher Is this my William? He was in the same institution in 1900 at age 64, and is shown as born in May 1836. His parents were shown as both born in England. He is still there in the 1915 State Census at age 74. Is he mine? I think that there is a good chance that it is. I contacted the Fireman's Home via their website in August 2013. A Jane Redding responded to tell me that William Timms was admitted to the home on January 6, 1898. He continued to live there until his death on January 1, 1919. He is buried on the grounds there. I have a pciture of his tombstone from Find FindAGrave. It has his name engraved in a semi-circle and underneath it says: G.H. Brice Hose Co. No. 42, 1836 - 1919.

He was also living there in the 1915 New York State census, in house number 33..

I have received an application made my William Timms to reside in the Fireman's Home. It is dated November 29, 1897. William says that he is a widower and that he has no surviving children. He also says that he has no surviving brothers or sisters. However, he contradicts that be saying that his sister Sarah Jarrett of 6 Bridge Road, Worthing, near Brighton, England was alive. I know that his brother Edward was also alive and his other sister as well. He also mentions his nieces Nelly and Jennie in Detroit at 894 Townsend Ave. He asks that his nieces be informed of his death and sent his personal property, but leaves his money to the Home. One interesting tidbit is that he says that he was seriously injured in the draft riots of 1863. I had never heard of this before. Now I know that there were very serious riots in NYC from July 13, 1863 to July 16th. Many fires were set so perhaps William was injured on duty. His application says that he worked at the 42 Hose and the Charles Bice Hose for a total of 7 years.

The burial permit says that he died of a cerebral hemorrhage.