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In the 1900 census, he was a printer.

The 1939 Detroit City Directory has him as the vice president of the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company. He was living at 16174 Normandy Avenue.

I found him in the 1930 census for Detroit. He and Pauline were living at 2400 Six Mile Road West. He was the vice president of a vacuum cleaner company. In the 1940 census, they were living 16174 Normandy Street, Detroit. He was listed as the secretary treasurer of a retail vacuum cleaning company. They had a servant, Marie Lakenen.

His son Fred says that he and Pauline retired to Sarasota where she died. After that, he moved to live with Fred and his wife and then he died shortly thereafter. The place and date of death come from the SSDI.


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In the 1930 census, he is shown as 3 years old while his brother was 5 months.

On December 5, 1998, he wrote me a note setting a few family facts. He said that his father, George W. Phister, was the grand nephew of Fred Wardell, who took him out of college to work for the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Co., of which he, Fred Wardell, was president. Fred Wardell was his mother's brother. In the 1900 census, all the males in the Wardell family were auctioneers. By 1930, Fred was shown as the owner of a vacuum cleaner company.


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I have no idea as to her origins. There is no Jennie Drew listed in the 1871 Ontario census. I should check the 1881 census for her and her parents. There are several Jennie Drews listed in the 1880 USA census, including one born in 1860 in Ohio. Did William head back to his mother's state to marry?

There is a T.C. Drew in the 1861 census for West Nissouri Township, Middlesex, in Canada West. Would this be a relative? He was only 12 years old.

Based on what I have found in the two censuses for Kansas City Missouri, it would appear as if she was born in Kansas and that her parents were from Kentucky. As well, she appears in the 1870 and 1880 censuses for Kansas as "Permelia Jane" and "Jane." in 1880.

Her obituary reads:
The Kansas City Times, Tuesday, January 12, 1937, pg. 8
"Mrs. Jennie Drew Timms, 71 died yesterday at her home, 2914 Lynn Avenue. She is survived by her husband, William Timms, and a daughter, Miss Helen Timms, both of the home, and two sons, W.J. Timms, Shawnee, Kansas, and Walter E. Timms, 2745 Monroe Avenue."

I have her death certificate as well. She died January 11, 1937 at home at 2914 Lynn Avenue. The informant was her son William John Timms. She died of cirrhosis of the liver. Her age confirms that the age of her husband on his death certificate is quite wrong.


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He is in the 1930 census for Kansas City, Missouri. He lived at 4033 Olive St. His wife was from Missouri. Her parents were from Kentucky and Missouri. They had been married 17 years as of April 16th. There did not seem to be any children in the home with them. Did they ever have children? He was a salesman for a grocery house.

From his mother's obituary in 1937, he was living in Shawnee, Kansas. There is a 1939 County Census record for Shawnee which shows that there were 3 people living at the location. I wonder who the third one was?

His obituary reads:
The Kansas City Times, Wednesday, August 25, 1954, p. 12
"William J. Timms, 4033 Olive, died yesterday at the St. Joseph Hospital. Mr. Timms had been a salesman at the President Shirt Shop, 3101 Troost, twelve years. He was born at Leavenworth, Kansas, and had been a resident here for sixty years. Surviving are a sister, Miss Helen Timms of the home, and a brother, Walter E. Timms, 2745 Monroe."

I have his death certificate as well.

As was the case for his brother, I found his WW1 draft registration. For whatever reason, his wife's name is not listed. He was claiming an exemption as the sole supporter.


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It does not appear as if she ever married. She appears over the years in various directories and seems to have outlasted everyone. No mention is ever made of a husband. Her death certificate says that she was never married. In that certiifcate, she is named "Helen L. Timms".

She is a stenographer in the 1920 city directory, living with her parents at 3204 E. 11th.

In the 1885, 1895 and 1905 Kansas State censuses, she is called Nelly.


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Query, does "Lea" stand for "Leander" or perhaps "Leland?"

His marriage certificate says that he was previously married but his spouse was deceased.

In the 1930 census, his parents are shown as natives of Canada. When and where did he and Mary Jane meet?

HIs death certiificate says that he was in advertising.