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In the deed, dated September 21, 1909, for 894 Townsend Avenue, in which she quit claims her interest in the property to her sister, she is described as Mary J. Gowdy of Louisville Kentucky, formerly Mary J. Timms. So, I am guessing that she married a Gowdy of Kentucky I searched the Michigan marriage index for the years 1906 to 1908 and could not find her. Like her sister, I could not find her in the 1900 American census or indeed anywhere from 1871 until 1930.

In 1924, she and Edward Gardiner were living in Detroit.

In the 1930 census for Detroit, Michigan there is a Jean Gardiner, age 55, with husband Edward L. Gardiner, age 57. Jean is listed as a native of New York, with her parents as natives of New York and Ohio. This must be she. In addition, her place of birth is shown as New York when she died. Why did her parents say Canada in the 1871 census?

She is shown as a widow at her death. She is also called Jeane.

When her brother William died in 1945, according to his obituary, she was still alive and living in Detroit.


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In the 1871 census she is shown as Ellen and not Helen.

I could not locate her in the 1900 census taken on June 9th. Was she living in Canada or perhaps England?

In the 1910 census for Detroit, she is 35 years old and is shown as born in New York. Why? Did the 1868 Helen die or did she report it that way? Did the family move back to New York after 1871? It must be her though as her father was shown as being born in England and her mother as born in Ohio. Her mother was living with her and Linus and was shown to have given birth to 7 children, with 4 living.

In the 1920 census, she was 44 years old. That combined with her mother being listed as having 7 children with only 4 alive makes me think that there were two Helens. In the 1930 census Linus is shown as a widower so Helen must have died before between 1920 and 1930.

In a 1890 Detroit city directory, she is shown as "Nellie."

It looks as if her name was Helen T. or perhaps Helen J. I wonder if it was Helen Jean?

After much searching, I finally found her marriage. It is on a page that was considerably mixed up by the person recording it. Her name is combined with the man in the marriage below, but her parents are properly recorded with Linus. But, her father is shown as J. H. Timms and her mother as Mary Traver.


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Linus Cole was a druggist in Detroit, Michigan. On his marriage certificate to Helen, he is shown as a pharmacist.

In the 1900 census, he lives at 1294 Townsend Avenue with Sarah Cole, his mother and Hattie McCann, his sister. Obviously he and Helen are not yet married He was born in Michigan, his father in New York and his mother Michigan. Both of his mother's parents were born in New York. He is, as we know, a pharmacist, he has no children and he rents the above property.

In the 1910 census, he and Helen and Pauline were living at 894 Townsend with Mary. They had been married 9 years by April 27, 1910. He was shown as the owner of the premises However, I have discovered in looking at the deed that his wife and sister in law were the actual owners Between 1915 and 1918, they moved from Townsend to 66 Columbus.

In the 1920 census, he and Helen and Pauline were still at the same address. Pauline was a 17 year old student. Helen's mother was shown as born in Ohio.

In the 1930 census, he was shown as a widower.

In the 1901 City Directory, he was shown as a chemist at Williams, Davis, Brooks & Hinchman Sons, bds 13 Miller. In the 1903 Directory, he was shown as pharmacist, A. R. McRae; home 894 Townsend Ave - this is the same address as Mary Timms in the 1900 census In the 1920-21 Detroit City Directory I found Linus H Cole, Reliable drug Co, H 2730 Columbus. In the 1920 City Directory, I learn that the numbers on the street changed, he did not move. By 1929, he was a salesman for the Michigan Drug company, living at 2730 Columbus Avenue and had a wife named Blanche That is clearly a mistake. By 1934, he was vice president of Maxine Products and still living at 2730 Columbus Ave. Ditto for 1936.

He was not in the 1890 City Directory and he was gone by 1938; that would seem to indicate that he arrived after 1890 and died before 1938. Aha, I have found his obituary. He died on Tuesday October 5, 1937 at the age of 67. The service was held at his daughter's home - Mrs. George W. Phister at 16174, Normandy Ave. He was buried at Woodlawn cemetery. I wonder if Helen is buried there too?
It says he was the Michigan Drug Company sales manager for 40 years. It says he was with the Michigan Drug Company.


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In the on-line birth index for Michigan, she is shown as Marien Pauline Cole. In the 1910 census, on April 27th, she was just Pauline and was shown as 7 years old. By 1920, she is still just Pauline and she was shown as 17 years old. However, on the marriage register, she is shown as Pauline M. Cole, so I am guessing that her proper middle name was Marien.

In 1930, she and George were still in Detroit, in a home at 2400, 6 Mile Road West, with an attribute value of $50,000. But now she is shown as Pauline C. Phister. So one has to wonder where the "C" came from; I expect that it stood for "Cole". They had a servant whose name might be Marnie Gentry, 22 years old.

In 1940, they were still in Detroit at 16174 Normandy. The boys were still at home and the servant was now Marie Lakanen, age 21.

I just today (February 17, 2018) discovered a marriage register for a Pauline Marion Cole, daughter of Linus Cole and Helen Timms, to a Leslie August Voss, in September 1919 So what happened to him? She was either divorced or widowed when she married George Phister. What is odd is that Wesley was living with his parents and siblings in the 1920 census and was shown as single. I wonder whether he and Pauline ever got married? There is no marriage date and no return, so perhaps they never went ahead with it?