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William was a saddle maker or "saddler" as described in the estate of his father.

There is a William Thomas James Bryant whose birth is registered in folio 2a, page 257, for the second half of 1887. Oddly enough I can not find his older brother's birth registration.

They had two babies who were still born - September 6, 1935 and September 30, 1939. This comes from the Bryant Family Bible given to me by Anne Bryant. There is a "baby Bryant" buried in the same plot where Thomas, Matilda and Kathleen are buried. He/she was buried September 11, 1935. That is consistent with the first one. There is also a Jeffrey Thomas Bryant buried there on September 12, 1924. Who was he - another grandchild?

He was working for Calgary Saddlery from ? to at least 1930 when he went to Great West Saddlery, where he was until 1960. He ended his career working for the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. I remember when he made me a sheep skin tricycle saddle when I was a child.


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According to her brother William's affidavit dated August 30, 1945, filed in the matter of his mother's estate, she was then the only child dead. She died a spinster. She as also known as Kathleen. Her date of death comes from the Bryant family Bible given to me by Anne Bryant, wife of Buster Bryant. That was confirmed when I found her gravestone in the summer of 2006.

Anne says that Kathleen lived with her mother all of her life as she had "developmental problems." I did find her listed in the Henderson City Directory for several years, either with no occupation listed or as a housekeeper.


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He married a war bride in England. Anne Bryant says they had a "slug" of kids. The Bryant family bible lists two baby Bryants dying in September 1935 and September 1939 respectively. Were they his?

I found his attestation papers too. He enlisted on May 11, 1915. He also listed his mother as next of kin. Like his brother, his religion was given as Church of England. In the 1918 Henderson City Directory, he was shown as being in active service but living at 202, 5th St. W. with his mother, George Scott, Harriet, Kathleen, William and Thomas. George and William were also in active service. I have found his return to Canada on June 3, 1919, aboard a troop ship - the SS Matagantic which docked in Quebec City. Mabel with him on the ship but listed separately.

The family bible had him marrying in 1916. Clealry that is wrong.

After the war, he went to the CPR as a switchman.

In a letter from Isabel to my mother in April 1961, she mentions that mother's uncle Harry and Myrtle, her son and his son Ray were present for dinner. From that I infer that Harry lost his wife and that he remarried [or simply lived with] a woman named Myrtle and her son.


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The Alberta Index of Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths shows Harriet as being born May 8, 1990 in Calgary.

She appears in the Henderson City Directory holding several jobs. She was a clerk at the Singer Sewing Machine Company, a clerk at the HBC, and at Eatons.

I don't know how it was that she met and married Albert Kennel. They moved to Toronto after they got married and lived most of their lives on Banff Ave.


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Mother says that he worked as an outdoor worker for the City of Calgary. His date of death comes from the Bryant family Bible given to me by Anne Bryant, wife of Buster Bryant. His day and month of birth likewise comes from that Bible. As well, he seems to be called "Gravey Carr Scott" therein. The year and place of birth come from the 1911 census.

In the 1911 Henderson City Directory, there is a George C. Scott listed as living at 339, 6th Ave. W. with Ernest Scott. He was an inspector at the Street Railway Co. Ernest does not appear with him and Frances Matilda in the 1911 census. I have to wonder if he is the right George Scott. There are six people with that name in the 1912 directory. None are at 202 5th St. There is a George C. Scott, plasterer, living at 208 5th St. W. in the 1913 directory. Since Frances Matilda married him in 1909 it seems odd that they would be living at different addresses

I found his attestation papers for WW1. He enlisted September 25, 1915. He gave his birth date as January 24, 1871. That does not at all agree with either the family bible or the census. Perhaps he lied as otherwise he would be too old. From that information however, I got his place of birth.

I have found him in various UK censuses, starting in 1861. From them, I confirmed his year of birth and the names and approximate birth dates for his children with his first wife. In 1891, he was a farmer. In 1901, he was still a farmer.