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Although mother was not the youngest child, she was the only girl of the family. Whether for this reason, or otherwise, granddad Kennedy spoiled her.

She graduated from junior high school in 1929. She was living with her parents at 1119, 11th Ave. W. in Calgary at the time. In 1930, mother then went to high school at Central Collegiate, overlapping with dad but they did not know one another there. With the exception of General Science, she did very well in first year. She received a mark of 91 in Algebra. That year she was shown as living at 202, 5th St. W. Given that her parents were still on 11th Ave., why was she there? The next year is a bit puzzling. There are two documents dated the same date. The first one shows credits for five subject, with marks scattered between the low sixties and the high eighties. There is a separate document showing credits for two courses: Literature 2 & Composition 2. She was back living at 1119, 11th Ave. W. The next year, 1932, there were another seven credits. So she had twenty one credits in total. Why was I of the impression that she did not succeed at school?


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Helen Dunn says that David was named after his uncle David Kennedy. I expect that it could just as easily have been his grandfather David Kennedy.

David came to Canada with his parents in 1902 when he was fourteen years old. In Belfast, he attended St. Luke's National School on Morpeth Street. The family lived on Penrith Street. In an article form the Cityweek, published in Belfast, dated June 18, 1968, written when he and his sister Maudie were visiting, he reminisced regarding attending school at St. Luke's.

There are many entries for him in various Calgary City Directories. In the 1906 Directory he was living with his parents at 320, 12th Ave. E. and is shown as a "Tinner."

In 1907, David is a Tinner for Colomer and Co. and is still at home.

In 1908, "Dave" is a tinsmith boarding at 320, 12th Ave. E.

In 1909, David was a tinsmith at E. J. Young Plbg Co. Ltd at still living at home. His father was the only other one listed.

In 1910, David had the same job and was still at home.

The reason that he is not to be found in the 1911 directory is that he was enjoying a long visit to Ireland and in fact appears in the 1911 census [taken April 2, 1911] there as a visitor with his aunt and uncle, Samuel McKinley and Margaret Kennedy. The entry reads:David Kennedy - visitor - age 22 years - single - sheet metal worker - born Belfast.

He was described as a sheet metal worker on his marriage license in 1912.

The next year in the Calgary library is for 1913. David is living at 612 9th Ave. N. W.; by this time, of course, he had married Isabel Bryant. I could not find his father William and there were so many Kennedys in Calgary by then it is difficult to tell who is who.

In 1914, David is shown as a sheet metal worker and is living at the same address. There is a William, night manager of Calgary Taxicab Co., rooming at 612. It has struck me that the other members of the family were in fact overseas in WW1

In 1915, David was still a tinsmith but now he was employed by the CPR. I expect that this was his first year there. He was still living at 320, 12th Ave. There was no William but there was a B. Kennedy who was working as a harness maker for Great West who was living at 1332 9th Ave S.E.

In 1916, David is noted to be a Carrier P.O. - that must mean the Post Office. There are many other Kennedys but none living at 320, 23th Ave. E., so I don't know who is who. On my mother's birth certificate in March 1916, he was a letter carrier. That says that she was born at 0904 Boulevard S. S. Sunnyside.

In 1917 David was still a carrier but was living at 827 1st Ave. N.W. His brother Robert was a clerk at the Dominion Land Office and was living at home at 320 but was noted as being in "active service." Ditto for William his father. Presumably that meant that they were overseas. My mother could remember having to wait for David to come home at Christmas for dinner as he had to work that day as there was postal delivery even on December 25th each year. Of course, they had twice daily delivery then

In 1918, David had the same job and residence. Robert and William were still in active service.

Finally in 1919, David was a switchman at the CPR where he stayed for the rest of his working career and he was still at 827, 1st Ave. N.W. William was back from the war (see above) and was now working as a Carrier P.O. Did he take his son's job?

In 1920, David was living at Apt. 4, 0949 1st Ave. N.W.

In 1923, David was a yardman for the CPR and living at 306 12th St. N.W.

In 1925, David has stayed the same.

In 1928, David was the same.

In 1930 David was living at 1119 11th Ave. W.

Nothing had changed by 1931.

Nothing had changed by 1932.

In 1936, nothing had changed.

In 1937, my mother Dorothy showed up for the first time - she was 21 so perhaps that is why.

By 1939, David had moved to 1015 13th Ave. W. My mother Dorothy was a clerk at HBC. and living at home.

By 1941, David and family were still at the same address. I didn't see Dorothy or her brother Bill.

By 1942, David had moved to Apt. 210, 908 17th Ave. W.

By 1943, David had moved to Apt. 303.

In 1955, David and Isabel were living at 1636 Crescent Road.

His obituary in the Calgary Herald read: December 12, 1972. David Kennedy, aged 84 years, 1636 Crescent Raod, N.W. Surviving are two sons, Willliam Calgaryand Howard Oakvilee, Ont and a daughter Mrs. L. W. (Dorothy) Timms, Calgary; two sisters, Mrs Maude McLeod and MIss Nellie Kennedy both of Calgary; two brothers, William T. Burnaby B.C. andRobert, Calgary; six granchildren and three great grandchildren. He was predeceased by his wife Isabel in Dec 1967. Born in Belfast, Ireland. Mr. Kennedy came to Calgary in 1902 and was employed with the C.P.R. for 35 years, unitl retiring in 1953. He was a member of the UTU and the CPR Pensioners' Association. Service at "The Little Chapel on the Corner" 17 Ave. and 2 St. S.W. Friday at 1:30 p.m. Rev G. H. Rodgers offiicatiing. Internment Queen's Park Cemetery.