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She never married.


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Something seems off here re his second wife. In the 1921 Canadian census, he is living in Montreal with his wife E. J. Flower, born in Wales, and his son. V. Flower, born in India. And his son's mother is born in Wales. Was there a third wife?

It says that he arrived in Canada in 1908. so I should be able to find him in the 1911 census too.


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He and his brother Anthony were baptised on December 25, 1818 at Whichford. They are described as the bastard sons of Elizabeth Bartlett, domestic servant. When he was buried, he was called Henry Timms, althoug still the bastard son of Elizabeth Bartlett. He was also said to be two months old. i.e. born in October 1818.


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His was baptised as John Timms, the bastard son of Elzabeth Barlett. What is a bit odd is the birth registration of a John Bartlett Timms in Shipston on Stour in the 3rd quarter of 1858

Then there is a mariage registration for a John Barlett Timms in Shipston in the last quarter of 1853. I now know that he married a leah Cockbill.

Leah was a widow in 1861, so John Died before then. He is shown as having died ib Shipston on Stour in 1859.


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The three Timms children were living with her in the 1871 Census. By 1881, only her son Horace was at home.


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He is a grocer in Wallsal, Staffordshire, in the 1881 census. In 1891, he and Annie and the two boys are living in St Margaret, Leicestershire, along with two visitors from Rugby, named Webb.


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As there no children with them in 1891, 1901, or 1911, I expect that they did not have any. That said, in 1881, Amelia was living with her in-laws in Kineton with a Walter M. Edwards who was one month old. Her husband must have been on the road, as he was a commecial traveller. In the 1939 Register she was lving wiith her half brother in Wolverhampton.


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Irene Connolley wrote that she had a will for Mary (I have never seen it) in which Mary gave Nicholas Timms her personal estate, Margaret, the wife of Ambrose Thornet of Sutton under Brailes, one shilling, Mary, wife of William Slatter of Sutton under Brailes, one shilling.


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Folio Staff:

Ruth Timms Nishioka, with students Michael Kovac and Justin Sproule wielding swords in the background, at the opening of the new Second Playing Space.
What was once a bare warehouse space is now a room filled with light, sound and dreams.

The University of Alberta's Drama Department unveiled its newly equipped Second Playing Space in the Timms Centre for the Arts. The improved drama room now boasts $500,000 worth of cutting-edge stage lighting and tracking systems, video and sound equipment and adaptable seating and drapery, thanks to ongoing support from a legacy left by the Timms family.

"We've turned it into a space that is student-friendly," said a pleased Jan Selman, professor and chair of the U of A Drama Department. A year's worth of careful planning and labour went into the project. The improvements have finished the theatre space into an area that will benefit students, teachers and the public, Selman said.

The new equipment allows students and faculty to play with new staging ideas and to subsequently explore the performer-audience relationship, Selman said.

The ceiling of the huge space is criss-crossed with tracks for drapery and lights, a huge improvement on the odds and ends of equipment that once had to be scrounged from elsewhere.

"Suddenly, the possibility of experimentation is there in a way that students who are still learning can do it easily. The chance to try it out is hugely enhanced. And it's like a lab, if you will, for our faculty artists. That is the nature of much of our research," Selman added.

During the summer months when no classes are held, the space will be rented as a community facility to external theatre companies, starting with a festival in June.

The Timms Centre for the Arts opened on campus for the U of A's drama students in 1995, featuring a state-of-the-art, 320-seat theatre, a spacious rehearsal hall and the Second Playing Space, a 'black box' area allowing for various seating and stage configurations that would help create intimate, flexible and experimental theatre.

For nine years, the Second Playing Space remained undeveloped, but thanks to funds accrued from the sale of land the Timms family originally donated, the finishing touches are complete.

The Timms Centre was made possible by Albert and Eva Timms, who bequeathed their estate to the U of A. The couple felt keenly about having the family name attached to a permanent building on campus.

Albert, who died in 1974, had wanted a collections building established, but it was felt that a facility should be of direct use to students. The university felt a theatre would serve the students and the community. "I thought it was an excellent idea," said Ruth Timms Nishioka.

Timms Nishioka, who graduated from the U of A herself with an education degree, was on hand at the official opening of the Second Playing Space. Though her father didn't live to see what was done with his gift, she said he would have been pleased with the Timms Centre and its latest improvements.

As a farmer with a Grade 8 education, Albert didn't know much about the arts, "but he would say that if it is being used by the students, it would be fine."

As well, Timms Nishioka was pleased to announce a new scholarship during the celebration. The annual $500 award is for a third or fourth-year drama student, "and it's to be done for (financial) need, not just for grade points," she said.

The gift is a welcome one. "The Ruth Timms Nishioka Scholarship will support a drama student each and every year," Selman said. "She sets an example for many of us, in her concern for enabling students to continue to access an excellent university education."

The Second Space's new assets were immediately highlighted in a special performance by U of A drama students, with Timms Nishioka as the honoured guest.