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OPR Ettrick, Selkirkshire

From Graham Maxwell

Jan 8th [1842] Robert Sword shepherd Dalgliesh in this Parish and Margaret Nichol in the Parish of Roberton gave up their names for Proclamation in order to Marriage. Jan 21st 1842 Having been thrice proclaimed they were Married at Borthwickshiels.


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OPR Ettrick, Selkirkhire

FROM Graham Maxwell
13th [Dec 1828] John Sword Shepherd Midgehope and Jean Coltard Goosegreen both in this Parish gave up their names for proclamation in order to Marriage. 26th being thrice proclaimed were married in the Church by the Rev Mr. Smith, Parish Minister


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Marriage of Margaret Brown and James Cavers
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

1870, registration book 5, page 62

James Cavers, aged 37, living in Sydenham, born Scotland
B(achelor), Farmer, son of John & Agnes Cavers


Margaret Brown, aged 21, living in Sydenham, born Ontario
S(pinster), daughter of William and Janet Brown

Witnesses: William Nisbett, Sydenham; Francis Cavers, Sydenham

They married on the 18th March 1870 at Sydenham, both bride and groom were Presbyterian

Married by Robert Duvar(?), Minister, by License
Registered in Sydenham, Grey County, Ontario, Canada


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Forwarded by Vivienne S. Dunstan

Groom: Robert Sword, sixty one years living at Owen Sound, Ontario
born Selkirk, Scotland; W.(idower), Farmer
Parents: John Sword and Janet Lunn

Bride: Catherine Cavers, forty -eight years living at Owen Sound
born in Scotland; S.(pinster)
Parents John Cavers and Agnes McGregor

Witnesses; James Fyfe, Owen Sound
Mrs. James Fyfe; Owen Sound

Married 26th January 1883 at Owen Sound
Both bride and groom were Presbyterian. The minister was Rev. John Somerville and they were married by license


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In his diary, the Rev. William Proudfoot refers to it as a "very becoming one."


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25 Feb 1859 at Alimore in the parish of Roberton Thomas Graham and
Janet Anderson ,Thomas age 24 yrs from Hinderland
Shepherd Batchelor and Janet age 23yrs. from East Alimore house
servant Spinster .Parents of Thomas were William Graham farmer and
Margaret Charter .Parents of Janet were James Anderson farmer and
Margaret Sword James and John Graham were witnesses..


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This marriage took place the same day as the license was issued. The Reverend John Bauer(?), pastor presided. The license application was issued on August 11, 1909 - again the same day. He was living at 1715 Prospect Ave. She was at 1509 Oak. They were both of Kansas City. He was 24 and she was 20.


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She appears as Elva Welsh on the marriage license. I am guessing that she was married previously too. Her obituary would demonstrate that. Oddly enough, the bottom half of the license is not filled in. Did they actually get married?

The actual license application was issued the same day as the marriage certificate. Walter signed and said that he was over 21 years old.
A Gertrude Marsh signed for Elva as says that she is 18 years old. I am guessing that 18 was still a minor which required an adult to sign.


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There was a divorce in 1985.


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This is from the IGI.