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If I am interpreting the census correctly, she was Walter's second wife. Her name on the marriage certificate was "Welsh" so I am speculating that she was married before too, as her brother in the census uses "Weaver." Although at age 19, can she really have been married before? Yes, as i have discovered, she was married before. According to the census, her parents were born in Kentucky and North Carolina, which has been confirmed from other sources.,

Her obituary reads:
"Mrs. Elva A. Timms, of 7115 Askew, died of a heart attack yesterday at St. Luke's hospital. Mrs. Timms was born in Ellsworth, Kansas, and lived here since 1905. She was formerly the head of the adjustment department at Harzfeld's where she worked 33 years. She was a past president of the Women's Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Presidents and Past Presidents General Assembly. Surviving are her husband, Walter E. Timms of the home; a daughter, Mrs. Marguerite V. Larson, Birmingham, Michigan; a granddaughter, and two great-grandchildren."

I have searched Ancestry for Marguerite and found her living with her husband Paul O. Larson in Birmingham, Michigan, in the 1960s. In the 1940 census, they are living in Chicago. Marguerite was shown as 37 years old, which would make her born in 1903+-. She may well have been married twice as well.


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This Drew family resided in Leavenworth County as early as the 1870 census where Jane is listed as "Permelia J.," an early form of "Pamela." There were a few entries in the North American IGI area. One file included the names of Garret and Margaret Drew's children. There, Permelia J. is listed as "Permelia Jenny."

The family was residing in Leavenworth County, Kansas, which borders Wyandotte County, Kansas, whose eastern border is the Kansas/Missouri border.

He is in the 1880 census for High Prairie, Leavenworth, Kansas. It was done on June 5th. In addition to him age 52, there were "Marg, age 50; Prizilla, age 25; John W., age 20; Garrett Jr., age 18; Maggie, age 16; Jane, age 14. Cordilia, age 12 and Lily, age 10." All of the children were born in Kansas.

He is in the 1859 Kansas state census for Stranger Township, Leavenworth County. He and Margaret and William are in Stranger Township in 1865.

I found his obituary on-line as follows: Garrett Drew, aged 71, residing at 1120 Spruce Street, met with a peculiar and fatal accident Tuesday night. He died from the injuries received yesterday morning. Drew was sitting on a front porch, in a rocking chair; the porch being about five feet above the sidewalk. The old man was sitting with his back toward the walk when he suddenly fell over backward, striking the sidewalk with his neck and shoulders. It was not known whether the chair broke or whether it had rocked off, but the chair was broken when he was discovered. The noise of the fall attracted the attention of the family, which hastened to his assistance. On reaching him it was found that the entire lower part of his body was paralyzed and that the upper half was partially so, he being only able to raise his arms half way to his head. A physician was called who did all possible for the relief of the sufferer, but without avail. The doctor stated that he believed the man's spine had been injured and that his advance age did not enable him to withstand the shock. The deceased was taken to High Prairie for interment.
Leavenworth, KS Times-June 30, 1899
(Contributed by Thomas Hotchkiss)


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She might have been Alice Laura Davis. See her daughter's note.


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Marguerite was a child of Elva's from her previous marriage to Albertus Welsh. However, in the 1920 census, she is married to a man surnamed "Mansel," but in her mother's obituary she is surnamed "Larson." Did she divorce Emmet Mansel, or did he die young and did she remarried Paul O. Larson? Also, both this obituary and the one for Walter Timms mention a "granddaughter," So Emmett, Jr. presumably had a daughter From the 1930 and 1940 censuses, we know that she and Paul Larson had one son named Ron born in about 1927. So Ron may have had a daughter as well.

The following note appears in the tree of Wendy Jolliff on Ancestry: Marguerite was an accomplished pianist and horsewoman. She was hired to play the piano in a movie theater to accompany the silent films.She loved the horse races and had a great sense of humor. She used to sing to her dog, Teensy, with the chorus, " Teensy, Tinsey, Do Do. " There are some wonderful pictures there of Marguerite and her mother.


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June Timms (Thornton) advises that he is in the USAF serving in England. More recently,she says that he is in the Secret Service.