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Angus Cameron was a native of Scotland, came to America in 1773, and settled in Tyron County, Province of New York. He was a tenant on Sir John Johnson's land. [Sir John Johnson's Rent Roll of the Kingsborough Patent]

Angus Cameron's claim for losses [Claim for Losses, 1904 Archives Report, No. 1068] indicates that Angus was a native of Scotland, came to America in 1773 , and settled in Johnson's Bush in Tyron County. Angus joined the King's Royal Regiment of New York in 1777 and served till the end of the war.


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According to the will of Donald Cameron, senior, angus was his father's eldest son. The Rev. John Bethune baptized Angus on May 23, 1791, and also performed his marriage to Mary MacMillan of Finch Township on December 12, 1809. At the time of this marriage Angus was living in Roxborough Township. The Order in Council granting Angus 200 acres as the son of a Loyalist was dated December 9, 1815. angus was an executor of his father's estate and received the westerly three-quarters of lot 7 concession 9 Cornwall Township under his father's will. In 1833, when he sold this land he was living in Finch Township.[20] Angus died sometime before the end of 1849. This is indicated by a deed of conveyance dated December 31, 1849, which was reegistered on the title to the east half of lot 6 concession 1 Roxborough Township. Angus Cameron's son Donald wa a party to this deed and he is referred to on the deed as Donald Cameron of Finch Township heir-at-law of the late Angus Cameron of Finch Township [21]


(19) Register for St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Williamstown, Charlottenburg Twp., Glengarry Co.
[20] Deeds for Stormont County, No. 2185, Book I, registered Jan 111, 1836
[21] Deeds for Roxborough Township, No. 95, Book A, p. 92


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Charles Cameron was born about 1790 in Stormont County. When Charles was married in 1818 his age was given as 28 years; also his age as reported on the 1861 census was 71 years.
On Spetember 15, 1818 Charles was married to Jane Cameron of Finch Township at Trinity Anglican Church, Cornwall. Jane Cameron was a native of Scotland. ( See Sydenham Township censuses for 1861 and 1871). The Order in Council granted to Charles as the son of a Loyalist was dated May 20, 1817. Charles was an executor of his father's estate and received the east half of lot 6 concession 1, Roxborough Township under his father's will. Charles and his family lived on this farm until it was sold in July 1844. Jane Cameron signed the deeed of conveyance to bar her dower. Charles Cameron was located on the east half of lot 2 concession B Sydenham Ttownship by John Telfer and was listed on Telfer's settlement account dated March 1, 1847. The family was living on this farm when the 1851 and the 1861 censuses were taken. Charles died in 1869 and his will was registered on the title to lot 2 concession B Sydenham Township. Jane Cameron died on February 23, 1889 in Sydenham Township.
The following were the children of Charles Cameron and Jane Cameron:

Anne (Nancy Cameron -born Jan 29, 1821 - Register of Trinity Anglican
Church, Cornwall
-possibly married Donald MacMillan son of
Duncan MacMillan and Janet McBean of the
west 1/2 of lot 30 conc 8 Lochiel Twp, Glen. Co.
-living on lot 5 conc C Sydenham 1861 census

Flora Cameron -married Thomas Day
- lived Sydenham Twp.

Donald (Daniel) Cameron -born Apr 23, 1825 - Reg. Trinity Ang. Ch. Cornwall
-located on west half lot 4 con C Sydenham by
John Telfer's account dated March 1, 1847
-married Margaret Cameron -native of Nova
Scotia, daughter of Donald Cameron and his wife
Barbara MacPherson on Apr 1, 1858 (Grey Co.
marriage Register 1858-1869, p.2
-1861 & 1871 censuses Sydenham lot 30 conc A
-died Jan 9, 1899 Sydenham Twp.
-buried Leith Cemetery, Sydenham Twp.

Angus Cameron -locateed on west half lot 2 conc B Sydenham by
John Telfer's account dated Mar 1, 1847
-married Isabella Sloane
-died in 1862
-in his will he left his land to his father Charles
Cameron subject to provisions for his widow

Duncan Cameron -married Jane Darent

Marjory Cameron -married Thomas Rae of Sydenham - son of
Thomas Rae and Agnes - on Mar 8, 1862

William Cameron -Born June 3, 1836
-married Margaret Mackie of St. Vincent Twp.
daughter of Thomas Mackie and Jane Snedden on
Sep 24, 1866
-received lot 2 conc B Sydenham under his
father's will, later lived on Dease St. Owen Sound
-died Dec 5, 1910 in Owen Sound

Isabella Cameron -born Aug 1, 1837
-married Thomas Fraser of Sydenham, son of
James Fraser and Jane Morrison on Feb 25, 1863
-lived lot 7 conc A Sydenham
-died in 1913, buried Leith Cemetery

Margaret Cameron -born May 15, 1840
-married William Landle
-appears 1871 census for Sydenham

Jane Cameron -born Oct 118, 1843
-never married
-died 1936 in Toronto, buried Greenwood
Owen Sound

Catherine Anne Cameron -married Elias D. Wardell in Sept. 1871
-died April 23, 1898, buried Greenwood, O.S.

Alexander Cameron