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1901 Sydenham census shows Janet Brown as Head of household born 20 May 1827 being 73 years old, born in Scotland and emigrating 1846. Living with her are her daughter Hellen R. Brown 3 Nov 1870 age 30 born Ont. and brother James Beattie born 7 Feb 1841, age 60, born Scot. emigrating 1846.


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1901 census for Sydenham shows James Beattie living with his sister Janet Brown and her daughter Hellen R. Brown. He is noted as a widower, therefor he must have been married at one point.


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1841 Census at Ettrick House, Ettrick, Selkirk, Scotland

Name, age, occupation, born in parish?

John Sword, 60, ag. lab., y
Janet Sword, 55, , n
John Patterson, 20, ag. lab., y
Isabella Patterson, 25, ag.lab., n
James Patterson, 2, , y
Janet Patterson, 6mo., , y
Agnes Black, 55, fs, y
Margaret Linton, 13, fs, y
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------


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Johnstone Morris Glass was a sea captain
He married Isabella at the Free Church of Scotland
There is a whale skelton and a plaque for Johnstone in the Dundee Museum in Scotland.
He did not meet with Granny's approval so when Isabella died he deserted the girls.
When Granny died the girls dispersed - Agnes to England
- Helen to USA
- Mary & Margaret to Canada


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There is a James Campbell born 5 Dec 1826, Liberton Ferryside, Midlothian
Chr. 7 Jan 1827 Liberton, Midlothian to Alexander Campbell and Joan Richmond


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Jeannie Carmichael was Granny to our grandmother Mary Page Glass.
The three girls lived with her in Newburgh.
Married one of the younger sons of the Marqus of Breadalbane, Taymouth Castle, Loch Tay, N.W. Perthshire.
-- Verification of the above being sought.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

1871 Census Newburgh, Fife

Thomas Braid, Head, Mar, 42 Guarry man, born Newburgh
Jane Braid, wife, 40, born Crieff Perthshire
Isabella Campbell Braid, dau, Unm, 18, linen weaver, born Newburgh
Jane Pottie, gr.dau, 7 mo., born Newburgh
Arthur Dutch,boarder, Unm, 23, Salmon fisher, born Leuchars, Fife
Thomas Lees, boarder, 7, scholar, born Errol, Perth
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------

After checking out the above I came up with the fact that Jane Pottie's birth was registered as Jane Campbell -- born 22 Aug 1870
father not named, mother -- Isabella Campbell
then on further searching I found
Elisabeth Campbell born 10 April 1874 in Newburgh
father not named, mother - Isabella Campbell

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Jeannie Ogilvie-Dalgleish was the great-grandaughter of Rob Roy
She lived at Taymouth Castle
She is buried at Balquihidder next to Rob Roy.
Friend to Sir Walter Scott, she is supposedly the heroine in "Tales of a Grandfather".


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Rob Roy (1671 - 1734)

Rob Roy was a scottish outlaw immortalized as the romantic hero in Sir Walter Scott's historical novel of the same name. Baptized Robert macGregor on March 7, 1671, he was the son of a jacobite freebooter. He received his nichname (Gaelic for "Red Rob") because of his dark red hair.
When the MacGregor clan was outlawed by the Scottish Parliament, he took his mother's surname, Campbell.
When he was 22 years old he became head of the MacGregor clan and inherited large estates and raised cattle on those lands. His lands lay between those of the rival houses of Argyll and Montrose.The Duke of Montrose entagled him in debt, and Rob Roy became a bandit, chiefly at Montrose's expense. In the Jacobite rebellion of 1715 he plundered both sides.
. Because his lands lay between those of Argyll and Montrose, he played one against the other, turning their rivalry to his advantage. Through unwise speculation in cattle, he became entangled in debt to Montrose, and by 1717 was financially ruined. Declared a fraudulent bankrupt and an outlaw, he fled to the highlands with a band of armed clansmen and waged open war, chiefly against Montrose. For nearly a decade he engaged in robbery and extortion until the 2nd Duke of Argyll, in 1722, arranged a reconciliation with Montrose. Rob Roy surrendered to the authorities and was confined in Newgate prison. While awaiting exile to Barbados in 1727, he was pardoned and he returned to his home for the remainder of his life. He died at Balquhidder on Dec 28, 1734. His letters show that he was well educated and not a mere brutish highwayman.

3 graves in Balquihidder believed to be Rob Roy, his with Mary, and 2 sons. In the churchyard is the inscription "MacGregor Despite Them"