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What was her maiden name? Her brother was named Clayton in the 1930 census when she and Arthur were living with him. The marriage records says her name at marriage was Daisy B. Cart. I have now determined that she was either a widow or divorced. She appears in the 1900-1901 Wings City Directory for Leavenworth as Mrs. Daisy B. Cart. I am guessing that she was a widow.

According to the documents at Retsil when she applied for her pension, she was born Daisy Belle Jackson. The other information was as per the entry on the family page.

In the 1900 census she was living with her mother Elizabeth and her step-father John Frasier, in Leavenworth. She was still single and 19 years old.

In the 1910 census it says that she was 37, married 10 years, with 0 Children, born in Kansas, father Born in England, mother born in Nouth Carolina, a dressmaker and at home. I have not been able to find the family in the 1880 census. This age is clearly wrong as she was only 29 years old.

Here is what Kate Clabough found for me:
Evan Carter Clayton (Daisy Timms' brother or maybe some other relation?): I found him listed on the 1900 Census in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. His wife's name was Elsie Fullerton. By the 1910 Census, he was in Seattle, Washington. He is there in the 1920 Census, too. No sign of the Timms though. And you know they had joined him by the 1930 Census. Evan's father was Joseph Clayton and mother was Elizabeth Southard. Evan died April 14, 1942. I can find more on the Clayton line if you want it, but Daisy doesn't seem to be listed anywhere in this family that I can find. It may be that Daisy and Evan were half-siblings - since both of their mamas were born in NC. Maybe Evan's dad died and his mom remarried and had Daisy. The age difference between them makes it very plausible.


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There was a Evan B. Clayton in the 1841 census in Indiana. He appears in the 1900 and 1910 censuses in Indiana as well.

I finally found this Evan C. in the 1871 census for Kansas. He was with his parents Joseph and Elizabeth.

There is an Evan C.Clayton in Washington State in 1920. He matches the brother of Daisy in 1930.


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The civil registration of her birth in England says "Isabel Margaret." Her marriage says Margaret Isabel. Ditto for the census. It probably does not matter which it was.

I have found her birth registration on the index for Shipston on Stour for the 1st quarter of 1878. That lends some credence to the below. (folio 6d, page 688)

There was an Isabel Boyle, born in 1878 in the SSDI as follows:
Social Security Death Index
Name: Isabel Boyle
SSN: 164-22-3514
Last Residence: 18701 Wilkes Barre, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Born: 29 Jan 1878
Died: Jun 1968
State (Year) SSN issued: Pennsylvania (Before 1951 )

In the 1940 census, she is shown as Margaret J. Charles was still alive. There was a lodger living with them; a Rusell Azella.


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In the 1900 census, he was a widower living with his parents in Indianapolis. He was already a letter carrier. In the 1910 census, he was still a letter carrier. The only children were Charels S. and Dorothy. Ditto for 1920.

In the 1930 census, it says that his father was born in Virginia and his mother in N. Ireland. He was a Superintendent at a Post Office Substation. That is stil his job in the 1935 City Directory. Only Dorothy and her mother are there with him. In the 1900 census, it says that his grandfather was born in Viginia, not his father.

On none of the three censuses was there any mention of Stanley who is the nephew referred to in the obituary for Edward Augustus in 1958. Was he a grand nephew? Was it a middle name?


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There was a Stanley C. Boyle who died in Indianapolis in 1992. He was born in 1903. Is this the one? Yes, based on the 1930 census, when he and his wife Marie were living in Chicago, which likewise has him born in 1903. By 1935, he was back in Indianapolis - based on the 1935 City Directory for that year. In the 1940 census, he was still in Indianapolis with his wife and two children. In the 1945 City Directory, he and Marie were still living in Indianapolis. He was a purchasing agent for Republic Creosoting. He was still there in 1955. Oddly enough, a Robert Boyle was the assistant to the President of the same company. Was he a son or another relative?


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There is a Dorothy Boyle in the SSDI with the following info:
Dorothy L. Boyle
SSN: 481-07-5078
Born: 14 Apr 1911
Died: 11 May 1991
State (Year) SSN issued: Iowa (Before 1951)
Is this she?
Given that she was alive in 1978 when her uncle Edward Augustus died, I should be able to find her.