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I put her birth in about 1805 as in the 1841 census, she is the same age as her husband William.

There are a few persons named Ham in the 1841 census for Lanreath but they all seem to be spread around and her parents do not appear.

She was still alive in the 1875 Kansas State Census done on March 1, 1875.


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He is described as a "sojourner" which may mean different things. In the later entries in the Boconnoc parish registers, he is shown as a "labourer." There is an Isaac Haley, "widower" who marries an Anne Rowe on October 11, 1807. Is this he, or a cousin? He would have been 55 years old then. There are 2 "Anne Haleys" buried in Boconnoc. The first one on June 28, 1805, aged 55 and the second on March 25, 1820, aged 75. For the moment, I am going to guess that his first wife died in 1895 and that he remarried to another Anne in 1807 who then died in 1820. On the other hand there was an Anne Rowe baptised in 1787, so perhaps the Anne who died in 1820 was not his wife. After all, there were literally dozens of Haleys around there.


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This is the baptism date for a Thomas Ham, in the Broadoak parish records. It may or may not be him. As well, the record has only one "m" in his father's last name.

This note appears in Reflections on a Haley Picnic: He was a soldier and fought in the Battle of Waterloo under Wellington. All our people in England were nearly all soldiers or sailors." The Battle of Waterloo occurred in June 1815 which would make him in his forties. This is possible but calls into question the accuracy of the note.


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Her date of death is the date of her burial. The parish record says that she died at age 72, which would have her born in the year before January 1775. I believe her parents to be Moses and Elizabeth Harris of Trebarret Gate.


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There is a Maria Haley, of William and Elizabeth, baptised in Boconnoc on December 13, 1836.

I put in Michigan as her place of death as she was said to live there when an article was written in 1902.


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On his birth certificate, he was born on November 25, 1838 and his birth was registered in Porfel, Lanreath. His baptism was in Boconnoc on December 25, 1838.

He and his family were to be found in the 1875 Kansas census in Sheridan Township, County of Ottawa. The children went up to James and all were born in Canada.


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He was christened July 2, 1843 in Lanreath.

Abraham and all of the children of William and Elizabeth, after going back and forth between Perth and Middlesex Counties in Canada West and Kansas, ended up settling in Kansas in Ottawa County, Logan Township, northeast of Bennington and near Delphos. William stayed in Canada while Maria went to Michigan, near Flint. I Roger Timms, am joined to the Haleys through William who stayed in Canada, who married Mary Enright and whose daughter Elizabeth, married my great grandfather, John Timms.

Here is the entry for him and his family in the 1880 US Census:

Census Place: Logan, Ottawa, Kansas
Source: FHL Film 1254392 National Archives Film T9-0392 Page 390A
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Abram HALEY Self M M W 36 ENG
Occ: Farmer Fa: ENG Mo: ENG
Marion HALEY Wife F M W 34 CAN
Occ: Keeping House Fa: SCO Mo: SCO
James HALEY Son M S W 14 CAN
Occ: Attending School Fa: ENG Mo: CAN
William HALEY Son M S W 12 CAN
Occ: Attending School Fa: ENG Mo: CAN
Minnie HALEY Dau F S W 10 CAN
Occ: Attending School Fa: ENG Mo: CAN
Rosa HALEY Dau F S W 7 KS
Hattie HALEY Dau F S W 5 KS
Elizabeth HALEY Dau F S W 3 KS
Susan HALEY Dau F S W 5M KS

In the 1915 Kansas State census, he, Marion, and Nicholas J. are living together. Father and son are shown as retired farmers: Marion was a retired housewife.

The article re Abraham says that there were 12 children in all, including an unnamed infant.



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His christening was in Lanreath on the "birth" date shown here. As well he had two siblings baptised on the same date - Mary and Alfred What happened to them?
There was a Richard Haley, age 27, who married a Minerva Ecord, age 23 on August 26, 1877 in