Family Notes


Marriage Note: Source:    I have the original marriage certificate and Service from July 14, 1940. The witnesses were Helen McLaughlin and Alfred Cormack. The officiating minister was Alfred Bright. The guests were: E. D. McLaughlin, L. V. McLeod. Bill Crist, C. W. Bryant, Alfred Bright, Bill Leoposky, Betty Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. W. Bryant, Etta Bright, Howard Kennedy, Bill Kennedy, Grandma Scott, Grandpa Kennedy, Grandma Kennedy, Vera Timms, Clara M. Haley, Gloria Timms, Doreen Kennedy, Uncle Jack Kennedy, Mary Doris McKerman, Jessie Douglas, May Halsall, Genvieve ?, Maudie McLeod, Ellen Kennedy, Melna Kennedy, Vera Leoposky, Helen E. McLaughlin, and Alfred D. Cormack. Notably absent was grandfather Timms.

Family Note:   N1046