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So What's in Sew What?

The plan for this section of the site was to create "lessons" in more or less the same order in which they would be presented in a real classroom. The way it actually worked, though, was that I would be faced with a problem in my own sewing and in order to solve it, would draft samples and as I went, write and photograph (once I got the digital camera) each step to the solution.

Thus, the very first HTML page I ever tried to create was about how to draft the pattern for, and install, a fly-front zipper: a problem that had been vexing me since first drafting a pants pattern that didn't rely on an elastic waistband to fit.

Since then, motivated by the desire to give my students graphic illustrations of how to sew the various assignments they are given, I have slowly been creating pages that illustrate the specific steps to follow to achieve their tasks.

Some day, those voluminous file folders full of information on sewing techniques, serging techniques, fabrics, project ideas, etc., will be converted from their various word processing formats into HTML files. The Table of Contents below lists topics that are currently in-process, or (if they show up as links) are now available on this site.

Sew What? Table of Contents

  • About Fabrics
  • About Thread: decorative threads, thread usage chart, save on serger thread, thread for hand sewing, using fusible thread, bobbin thread
  • Construction Order
  • Darts: altering darts, sewing darts
  • Hems: quick fused hem, how to 'coverstitch' on the sewing machine
  • Neckline Finishes: making bindings, scalloped T-shirt neckline
  • Pockets: How to sew patch pockets
  • Sleeves: How to sew a decorative sleeve placket
  • Special Seams: French seam, easy flat-fell seam
  • Waistbands: mark the back of an elastic waistband,
  • Zippers: tips for perfect zippers, how to insert a centred zipper, how to sew a fly-front zipper, changing zipper length

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