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I have guessed his birth from his MI. He is not to be found in the Cherington parish records. His MI reads: In memory of two sons of John and Ann Jarrett. William who died September 22, 180(0) aged 22 years and Thomas who died May 11, 1812 aged 21 years. I cannot find either christening. Do they belong with another John and Ann?


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The information about her parents and her siblings, apart from her father being with her and Nevin in the 1895 New Jersey census, comes from website located at:


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The 1880 New Jersey census says that she was born in Ireland. That would mean that her parents were there in 1870-71. The 1870 Newark City Directory was missing from the library in Toronto. All the other children of Nevin and Elizabeth were born in New Jersey.

Helen Dunn has discovered the birth registration for Elizabeth Jane. She was registered by her mother. I am wondering now if Sarah Kennedy (Ruddock) stayed in Ireland while Nevin went to New Jersey looking for work.

I cannot find her in 1900 (of course 1890 is missing). She is also not there in the 1895 state census, but she could well have been married by then.


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In the 1900 US Census, there is a Nevin Kennedy, age 24, born in December 1874 in New Jersey. He is in Hudson County, Town of Kearney, Ward 1, page 199A. He lives at 25 Highland Avenue. He is married to Elizabeth who was born in January 1871 in New York. His parents were born in Ireland and hers as well. They had been married 4 years and had no children. The census was done June 5, 1900. This could be he. (Oddly enough, there is also a Nevin Kennedy age 25, born in December 1874 in Kearney, New Jersey. All the other data is the same. He is noted as a salesman. Something else is written but I cannot read it. This page is from June 12th.)

In the 1910 census, there is a Nevin Kennedy in Kearney. He is 35 years old. He was born in New Jersey. His wife Janet was 27. I guess Elizabeth died. Janet was born in Scotland of 2 Scottish parents. She had 3 children, 3 of whom were alive then. They had been married 7 years, that is they got married in about 1903. The children are Milton 5, Agnes 3 and Helen 1. Nevin was a salesman in a grocery store. Given that his father Nevin was a grocer, this increases the likelihood that it is he.

In the 1920 census, there is a Nevin Kennedy in Kearney. He is 45 years old, he was born in New Jersey and both of his parents were born in Ireland, so it is probably he. His wife Janet is 37 years old - that would make her born in 1883. There are three children: Milton, 15; Agnes 13 ; and Helen, 11. Was Milton was the son of his first wife? (No, see notes on MIlton's page where he says his mother was from Scotland.) Nevin was a manager of a grocery store. Janet and both of her parents were born in Scotland.

In the 1930 US census, Nevin is still there in Kearney. Janet is still alive and the 2 daughters are still at home and still single. They are now 23 and 21. Nevin is a clerk in a garbage Corp(?), Agnes is contometer operator in a bakery and Helen is a clerk in an electrical company.

In the 1940 US Census, he and Janet are still in Kearney. For some reason, they are both noted as born in England. An Anne Vorback, 38 years old was living with them as a boarder. Was she a sister of William?

There is a Janet Kennedy born in 1883 in the Social Security Death Index. She died in Mountainside, New Jersey. There is a Milton Kennedy, born September 7, 1904, in New Jersey, in the Death Index. That would make him the right age on the date of the 1920 census which was done on February 17th & 18th.

I have found Nevin's WW1 draft card. It is dated September 12, 1981. He is living at 78 Elm St. He lists his closest relative as Janet Michie Kennedy, who lives at the same address as he does. He says that he is a grocer working at 38 Johnston Avenue. That is the address where his parents were in the 1910 census. That would tend to show that his father lived above his store.


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He appears in the 1920 census but does not appear in the 1930 census. Logically, he died somewhere in between. His widow and two children are living together in 1930 in Kearney.


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from Helen Dunn:
Index reference - 1883 (Dec quarter) - volume 1, page 535 - Lisburn - Mary Allely - daughter of John Allely & Elizabeth Gillespie.