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I have found an Edward Timms in the 1900 US census. He was 24 years old. He is a boarder living in Leavenworth Kansas with the Deccos? family. He was born in November 1875 in England. His father was born in New York and his mother in England. He came to the USA in 1881. He was a farm labourer. He was single. As this fits on all counts, it is pretty convincing. I need to find the rest of his family. If the whole family come over in 1881, that would explain their absence from the 1880 US census and the 1881 UK one. As well, I need to check the birth records in the UK.

He is still there in 1920. He is now 44. He is still single. He is now boarding with the Edgell family on Spruce St. He is a wagon driver.

I found his WWI draft record. He lists his step mother, Elizabeth, living at 1424 Spruce St., Leavenworth, as his next of kin. His address is the same. He is a teamster working for the City of Leavenworth. So presumably after his step mother died, he moved almost next door.

I have received an email from a man who says that he knew this Edward Timms when he was growing up. Kenneth Payne says that where he grew up, the Scanlons and Edgells abounded. He says that Julia Jost and his mother were good friends. He also says that Edward was a fine man.

I now have Edward's obituary. I believe it to be one year off re his birth - it says 1874 but both the 1900 census and the registration in England were 1875 - but the rest of the information is quite interesting. It reads: Eward Timms Died Early Today. Edward A. Timms, 83, a native of England, died early today following an extended illness. Mr. Timms made his home with his niece, Mrs. Julia Jost, 1532 Spruce. He was born November 24, 1874, in England, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Timms. He came to the United States at the age of six with his parents. For many years he was employed by the city of Leavenworth and the Klemp furniture factory as a teamster. He was a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. Surviving is another niece, Mrs. Paul Hiatt and a nephew, Stanley Boyle, both of Indianapolis, Ind. Funeral services will be held at 11 A.M. at the Sumpter Funeral Chapter with Father Mack Leabo, pastor of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, officiating. Internment will be in the family plot in Mt, Muncie Cemetery.

I believe that Mrs. Paul Hiatt and Stanley Boyle, are the children of his sister Isabel Margaret.

There is a Julia B. Jost in the 1930 census for Leavenworth. She was born in 1907. She lives at 1515 Spruce St., only two families down from the Edgells She is married to a William R. Jost. They have a daughter Anna who was 19 months old. Julia was born in Kansas. Her father was born in Kansas and her mother in Nebraska. She married when 20 years old, so she married in 1927. So I should be able to find her in 1920 as Julia Boyle or Julia Hanser? But all of the female Timms were born in England Did Edward and Jane have another child born in Kansas? There is a Julia Jost in the SSDI who died in Leavenworth Kansas in September 1979. She was born on December 4, 1907. This must be the same person. From her obituary and that of William R. Jost, it would seem that they were divorced around 1931. When he died in 1961, he was married to a Blanche Slack. It seems that he never actually married Blanche. See the below note.

I now have the obituary for Julia. She was the daughter of Thomas and Catherine Scanlon Edgell They were married on January 15, 1907. She was Katie. M Scanlon. After receiving the below note and after talking to Tim Scanlon who is the son of Thomas Scanlon, who in turn was a nephew of Catherine Scanlon, I have concluded that Edward was only an honourary uncle. He says that everyone simply called Edward "uncle." That is consistent with what Kathy Jury has said in her note which I have copied below.

There are several Paul Hiatts in Indiana, including one in Indianapolis who was born in 1920. He might still be alive

Her is a note that I received from a Kathy Jury. It is a beautiful little piece of personal history.

Dear Mr. Timms,

My Grandmother was Julia P. Jost, daughter of Tom and Katie Edgell, and she lived at 1531 Spruce Leavenworth KS. I remember Uncle Ed -- we all called him Uncle. He never married and he always lived at Grandmas as far as I can remember. My sister and brother and I use to set on the foot stool by his chair and he would cut slices of apple for us, or share his prunes with us. He would read to us and let us hide under the library table in his room and pretend he didn't know we were there and when we came out he would act like we scared him. I was seven when he died and remember crying a long time.

He wasn't really our Uncle, but since he had no family close he was part of our family. Granny (Julia) took care of him when got sick and couldn't take care of himself. I have the trunk he brought over from England. Granny had it and after she died my Mother gave it to me.

Granny was married to William R Jost and they had three daughters. Anna Marie, she was born 8/24/29 (I think) and died around Dec 4, 2002. Rose Elizabeth (my mother) born April 4, 1933 and died January 29, 2000. Wilma Jean born September 16, 1936 and died February 13, 1998. Granny and William divorced when my mom was about 7 yrs. He had two illegitimate children with Blanche Slack, before he divorced my grandmother. His mother threatened to pour scalding hot water on Blanche if he brought Blanche to her house.

I'll ask my Dad if he can remember anything else about Ed Timms. I know he had words one time with Ed, because he interfered with disciplining my sister and I. I forget what we did, but Dad was going to spank us and Ed stepped between Dad and my sister. Dad never spank very often so we must of done something pretty bad.

Mom said the in his younger days Ed drove the milk wagon to town to sell the milk from Great Grandpa's dairy. They raised Holsten cows at 1531 Spruce. My grandmother, her brother and my mom and her sisters were all born in that house. Ed lived all his life with first Katie and Tom Edgell there and then with Granny after their deaths and she inherited the house. Her brother loaned her some money and she used the house for collateral and after he died suddenly at work (everyone suspected Dorthy of poisoning him), Dorothy foreclosed on the balance due and threw my Grandmother out on the street. The house sat empty for a while and then she started renting it out. She tried to sell it one time and my parents tried to buy, but she refused to sell and said she would never sell it anyone related to Tom or Julia.
Now I guess her daughter has it.