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After her husband's death in 1890, she must have gone to live with her son Roger as she is shown there in the 1891 census.
In fact she is still there for the 2001 census at age 89 It also says that she came to Canada in 1819. This would mean that she was born in 1811 or 1812. This accords with prior censuses but, there is an Elizabeth Grieve born in Morebattle Parish, Roxburghshire on September 6, 1809 and baptised immediately thereafter. Her parents were William Grieve and Jean Laidlaw. Is this the right one? The same couple had a son William, baptised on September 22, 1811.

There was an Elizabeth Grieve born to Elliot Grieve and Jannet Elliot on March 25, 1812 in Castleton, Roxburghshire, Scotland. I am more inclined to believe that she is the correct Elizabeth Grieve. It certainly fits with her age on three different censuses. This is found on LDS film #1067932 - the film for Castleton. There is a John Grieve born to Elliot and Jannet on October 6, 1806 in Castleton. Film#1067932.
Next was Jannet, born April 4, 1808 in Castleton; same film. Next William, born February 17, 1810 in Castelton; same film.

I need to check the film for Westminster Township, Middlesex County for the 1851 census as it seems to have Elliot and Janet and William, etc born in Scotland - it is film #C11738.

(There was also an Elizabeth Grieve born on June 14, 1814 to Walter Grieve and Helen Elliot, in Castleton, Roxburghshire, Scotland but she was born too late for my Elizabeth. Same film as above.)

(There is yet another Elizabeth Grieve born to Walter Grieve on December 18, 1883, in Oxnam, Roxburghshire. No wife mentioned. Film #1067950.)

A William Grieve appears to marry a Mary Turnbull and they have a child Elliot born on November 22, 1832 in Castleton. Film #1067933

Elliot had a cousin? or brother? James who married a Isebel Whotson and they had a son Elliot born on August 12, 1795, in Castleton. Film #1067932.


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In the affidavit of William James Bryant done at the time of his father's death, she is described as being mentally incompetent and as living at Ponoka Mental Hospital. This is the great aunt Nettie who used to tease me a great deal - I think. I suspect that her husband was still alive when Frances Bryant/Scott made her will in 1932, as she is referred to as the wife of R. H. Dixon. I believe that I have found her birth registered on April 20, 1883 where she is shown as Jeanette. The family was living at 1 Galloways Row, South End, Croydon at the time of her birth.

She had one daughter born about 1920 who died as an infant.

She and Howard were living in Red Deer both in the 1916 and the 1921 Censuses. He was a farmer and then a salesman in a hardware store and she had no occupation.

They are in Stavely, Alberta in the 1935 Voters list. He is a clerk but her only notation is as his wife. Stavely is about 100 kilometeres south of Calgary. I believe that in 1945, they are living in Clareesholm, but if so, she is just listed as Mrs. Howard Dixon.

Her date of death comes from the Bryant family Bible given to me by Anne Bryant, wife of Buster Bryant.


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The Bishops Transcripts for Hawkhurst has her baptism occurring on September 4, 1860 which, if correct, means that her birth was likley in late August. But then her obituary said that she was born September 15, 1860.

It is odd that she is not with her family for the 1871 census. All the others then alive were included. Presumably she would have been too young still to be a servant somewhere.

There is only one Frances M. Golding in Surrey in the 1881 census and she is age 20, a servant, unmarried, living in Croydon, working in the house of Thomas and Emma Wagner. Mr Wagner was a wholesale tob+ (tobacconist?) This Frances Matilda was born in Kent, in the parish of Hawkhurst. Her address was: 4 Oakfield Rd. The information re her parish of birth certainly ties her in with her parents. There is also an Emma E. Golding, born in Hawkhurst, age 18, working as a servant for Alfred Haynes in Croydon. Presumably this is Emma, her younger sister, who was the witness for Frances' marriage to Thomas Bryant in 1883.

Here is the entry for Frances:
Dwelling:4 Oakfield Rd
Census Place:Croydon, Surrey, England
Source:FHL Film 1341192 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0812 Folio 84 Page 33
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Thomas WAGNER M 41 M Croydon, Surrey, England
Occ:Wholesale Tobacconist
Emma WAGNER M 41 F Croydon, Surrey, England
Frances M. GOLDING U 20 F Hawkhurst, Kent, England
Occ:General Servt

There was an article in the Calgary Herald the day after her death which spoke to her living in Calgary at 202 5th Street W. for almost all of her time in the City. I have her will and the various deeds, etc. for the property. She was a member of the Southern Alberta Old Timers Association. This is now called the Southern Alberta Pioneers Association. The article also refers to a sister Mrs. George Golding of Kent. Did her sister marry a cousin named Golding? Was it her sister in law married to her brother George? Are the two sisters Lucy and Maud who sent the postcards to Isabel in 1916 their chidren?

Her date of death comes from the Bryant family Bible given to me by Anne Bryant, wife of Buster Bryant.

In the 1911 census, she and George Carr Scott were living together at her house at 202, 5th St. W. She was noted as the head of the house. Living there with her were her five youngest children and a son of George Scott and the son's wife.