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I cannot find a record of his baptism but in his mother's will of 1854, she refers to her son William, so he must have been born He inherits quite a number of properties in his father's will of 1840. He is also in the will of his brother Henry in 1849. There is a William Timms buried on April 29, 1889, aged 85. If this is correct then he was born between April 29, 1804 and April 28, 1805. This could be he except that it does not fit with the two below censuses. I can find no baptism for a William in 1818 or 1819. However, there is a William Timms baptised on July 28, 1816 , son of Edward and Elizabeth. Why did I not notice this before?

Where is his will?

In the 1851 census, there is one William Timms in Cherrington, aged 33. He is 33 year old one has his cousin Sarah, 25 and his nephew John, 20, living with him. This fits with the below William in 1861 as John would be the son of his brother Edward. Who is his cousin Sarah though? As far as I am aware, he has no first cousin by that name. It could however be his second cousin, once removed, daughter of William Timms and Mary Timms, born in August 1813. Perhaps most importantly, he is shown as umarried. Therefore, he got married after 1851 but by 1861, he was already a widow.

In the 1861 census for Cherrington, there is a William Timms, farmer, age 42, born in Stourton. Is this he? Although the age and date of birth do not add up, June Timms says yes. His 21 year old niece Elizabeth living with him must have been the daughter of his deceased brother Edward. As well, he is shown as married and his servant Mary Bryan lives with him. As per the below, Mary lived with him for at least 20 more years.

In 1871, there is a William Times, widower, age 51, living in Cherinton, with a Mary Bryan, his servant in Cherington. He is a famer born in Stourton, with 24 acres.

The same William appears in the 1881 census as age 64, living at Cherington still. Although it now says 54 acres, presumably it is the same peson, as he is living with a Mary Bryant, his servant. He is not there in 1891, so the death in 1889 could well be him. The MI must be wrong. He is said to be married. That is consistent with him being a widower.


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Her birth registration shows her names as Vera May Tims.

In a letter dated March 15 1937 written from Chicago to her brother John [whom she calls "Jack"], she speaks at some length re her mother and her health. She signs the letter Maida. The letter was in an envelope obviously taken from work because it bears the name and address of the Inland Steel Company at 33 Dearborn St., Chicago, which has been typed over with her address: #2001, 505 Michigan Avenue North. I deduce from that and the contents of the letter that she was working there.

Here is the letter:

Dad said that uncle Larry lived with her in Detroit for a time. I am not sure about that. if so, it would have to have been in the 20s - see below.

From the clipping that Austin sent, when her father died in 1922, Verda was living in Detroit as Mrs. Jack McGill. According to the marriage registration for the second marriage of John Robert McGill, they were divorced in 1920 in Detroit. When she died in 1969, she was Verda Owens living in Chicago; therefore, Mr. Owens was her second husband and she re-married sometime after 1922. However, one had to wonder if she had three husbands. In the 1937 letter to her brother, she speaks of a "Jim" living in Kokomo, Colorado and speaks of having lived in Denver and not liking it. Jack is usually a form of John and not James. So did she marry a James in between?

In the 1901 census her year of birth is shown as 1879 not 1880. But she is also shown as three in April 2001. If she had been born in 1879, she would have been four

She appears in the 1920 census living in Detroit. She is a lodger at the home of Michael and Bessie Coffey. There are many other lodgers there; mostly all males. She is single, 22 years old, she came to the US in 1917. She was a stenographer in an auto factory. Just about every other person on the page and literally everyone in her house worked at an auto factory.

She appears in the 1925 Iowa State Census as married and living with Robert. However, that same year she and Robert are living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at 1014 South Spring Avenue. Robert was a traveling salesman. In 1927, she and Robert were in Lincoln, Nebraska at the A1 Ramola Apartments. He was still a traveling salesman. She and Robert are in Denver Colorado in 1928 in a City Directory living in apartment 106, 930 Acoma Street. My god, they moved about a lot

I could not find her under any name in the 1930 US census until I found her husband Robert and she living in Chicago. She is shown as "Berda M. Owens" They are living at 4441/2 (?) Green View (I think) Robert is an insurance salesman and Verda is working in a beauty parlour as a cosmetician. She is noted to have been in the US since 1919. Although born in Canada, she is shown as an American Citizen.

I found her crossing the border from Windsor to Detroit on September 4, 1945. She says that she lived in the US from 1919 to 1942. She has been living in Windsor at 753 Dougall. She was going to the US to appear before a Special Board of Inquiry. Why? I take it that it probably related to her returning to live in the US. The second card seems to be the result of the hearing. It seems to read that she had had "1 or more attacks of insanity" but I cannot tell if she was being rejected for entry but I think that she was. However, I know that she was living in Chicago when she died so ?

I have found her death notice in the Chicago Tribune published on Monday July 31, 1961. It read:
Verda M. Owens, suddenly, beloved sister of Marie Proctor and Russel Timms, Resting at Mortuary 813 W. Diversy, after 11 p. m. until 10 p. m. Monday, Services and Burial at St. Marys, Ontario, Canada. GR2-5214. I have determined that the name of the mortuary was Johnson Mortuary. It is now a Dunkin Donut site

Both she and her sister Marie are buried in the same plot in St. Marys Cemetery.